Thursday, December 9, 2010


In a recent interview with Colleen Zenk, the acclaimed actress from AS THE WORLD TURNS recalled her time on the beloved and much missed soap, as well as her aspirations to continue entertaining, singing, and dancing on stage.  Thanks to Zenk's passionate fanbase, that day may be coming sooner than later. As of today, the gorgeous talent announced that her agents have been contacted by ABC'S DANCING WITH THE STARS to possibly appear as a contestant during the upcoming Season Twelve.  But the work is not done yet!  If you want to support Colleen Zenk and her chance to share her phenomenal talents in prime-time, please take a moment to go:

1. Go to's DANCING WITH THE STARS page.  Register your name so you can leave a comment requesting Zenk's appearance on Season 12.

2. Join the FaceBook Group supporting Zenk's efforts.  Yes, they do look at those things!

3. Retweet and link the address to friends so they can do it too. 

Together we can do this!  Let's get Zenk on the air!! 


  1. Done! And I even suggested Anthony Herrera to go along with Colleen. As cancer survivors, they would be a great inspiration for us all to never give up.

  2. Thanks Damon. I love how the soap press is getting behind this. It shows what we can accomplish when fans and the press work hand-in-hand.

  3. Exactly Smoke! If she makes it onto DWTS, it will be great news for Colleen Zenk, ATWT fans and the soap world.

    Colleen is poised, passionate, photogenic, personable... in essence she is the perfect candidate for this show. GO COLLEEN GO!

  4. I think Colleen Zenk would be great on Dancing, but having just watched the increasingly frustrating season with "star" Bristol Palin, let's hope that ABC does not recruit her father or any Tea-publican as a contestant.

  5. You know I am behind you and Colleen all the way.