Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NEWS: AMBRIDGE, Tika Sumpter, Bradford Anderson, Ashley Judd

First Listen: AMBRIDGE EXTRA, BBC Radio 4 Extra
The first voice we heard had an American accent, of the Deep South persuasion (badly affected, in the great tradition of radio drama), recanting about the importance of marriage. Listeners were promised a trip out of the safety of Ambridge – but across the Atlantic? Perhaps not though – with the clunky insertion of a date, listeners old and new know they are hearing something that happened last year: "The Wedding March" and pealing bells quieten, and with the introduction of some unfamiliar voices, we are with Alice Carter, née Aldridge, and her Southampton University friends watching the DVD of her Las Vegas wedding to Christopher Carter – a source of great controversy in Ambridge at the time.

Tika Sumpter: I always want to have something to offer
"I hope to be doing more film and maybe musical theater. I want to have a solid, consistent career. I never want it to be flimsy. I always want to have something to offer."

VIDEO: Bradford Anderson & Carolyn Hennesy talk "Secret Life of Damian Spinelli"
Filled with mystery and suspense, the pages were found on Diane's stolen computer disc and include never-before-told stories of Port Charles residents, their confessions and behaviors in times of crisis and triumph through Spinelli's imagination.

Alison Sweeney Poses in a Bikini
To get bikini-ready, Sweeney, who wrote "The Mommy Diet," embarked upon what she calls "shape-up week." Several times a year, she says, "I cut the crap out of my diet – cheese, dairy, carbs like bread and pasta and fatty meats." Sweeney, a popcorn fanatic, instead snacks on sliced bell peppers and cucumbers, and she exercises every day. That's what helped her drop from a size 4 to a size 2, just in time for the photo shoot.

Russian writers turn to recent history (SANTA BARBARA reference)
One of Russia’s best-known television journalists, Leonid Parfyonov is a master of the documentary series, weaving insightful history with closely glimpsed cultural trivia and quite often hilarious commentary. The author is now at work on the fifth volume of his opus, entitled "Our Era," an all-encompassing guide to the Soviet Union and modern Russia. Each volume in the series covers a decade of Russian history.

He wanders from the details of Gagarin’s historic space flight in 1961 to the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963; from the Warsaw Pact troops being sent to Czechoslovakia in 1968, to the Vietnam War. But Parfyonov also writes about the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, Russians hooked on the soap opera SANTA BARBARA in the early Nineties, the scandal of nationwide Ponzi schemes, and the craze for
 imported chocolate bars.

'My sexual abuse hell': Actress Ashley Judd reveals distressing childhood in new memoir
During her stay at the Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Texas, Ashley wrote that her therapy sessions revealed suppressed memories of childhood incest she says she suffered at the hands of a family member - although she does not name the relative.

Once a Great Flop, Pringles Now Sold for Billions
In the 1993 book “Soap Opera: the Inside Story of Procter & Gamble,” the author Alecia Swasy writes that Pringles were considered one of the great flops in company history, “the P.& G. Edsel.” Mr. McCoy maintains, however, that Pringles gained traction after a makeover in 1980s, which included a thicker chip and a new focus on the taste, rather than the can.

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