Monday, April 25, 2011

NEWS: THE FADES, Kelli Giddish, GREY'S Wedding, Local Soaps

BBC America announces THE FADES and explains its science-fiction fixation
The network just announced that it’s co-producing a new supernatural drama called THE FADES, to premiere January 2012.

Written by Jack Thorne (who wrote for the U.K. versions of SKINS and SHAMELESS as well as co-writing the Shane Meadows movie “This is England ’86”), it stars Lily Loveless and Daniel Kaluuya (who both starred in the original U.K. SKINS) and features a plotline about a boy who sees spirits.

Kelli Giddish to appear on THE GOOD WIFE
Giddish will appear in this season’s final two episodes playing what is being described as a provocative role — an investigator for Lockhart Gardner who used to work with Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).

Callie and Arizona will slip into white gowns on the May 5 episode, though apparently their big day doesn't exactly go off without a hitch.

First Look at Josh Holloway Back in Action
On December 16, Josh will appear with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol as Impossible Missions Force Secret Agent Hanaway.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette idea: Local soap operas!
"We believe the decline in the soaps' ratings could easily be remedied by localizing them, varying the plot in each TV market to accommodate provincial interests. How are we here in Western Pennsylvania supposed to relate to the usual soapy affairs of a bunch of wealthy, attractive Californians?"

WWE: Could a Return to Wrestling Be in the Future for Batista‎
Batista's sheer size made him an immediate topic of discussion amongst MMA fans, albeit not always a positive discussion. His age was called into question by just about everyone as a reason he would not be a viable long term investment for any MMA promoter.

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