Monday, April 25, 2011

NEWS: Nielsen's State of the Media Trends, Cady McClain, Eddie Cibrian

An Upfront Look at U.S. TV Audiences and Trends
With the 2011 TV Upfront meetings between TV studios and advertisers in full swing, Nielsen takes a look at emerging trends in TV viewing.

* Timeshifting continues to be a significant factor in how consumers watch TV. In fact, 38 percent of all TV households in the U.S. have a DVR
* Mobile Video viewing has increased 41 percent from last year. The heaviest users of mobile video are teens ages 12-17 who watch 7 hours 13 minutes of mobile video a month
* Viewing video online also continues to increase. In January 2011 143.9 million Americans viewed video online
* The TV audience for sports is expanding. Record numbers of African Americans, Hispanics and female viewers helped drive the Super Bowl’s audience growth
* The audience overlap between visitors to network and broadcast media sites and social networking & blog sites is significant. In January 2011 alone, 49 percent of social networking & blog site visitors also visited TV network and broadcast media sites
* Television advertising spend was the largest medium for all ad spending in 2010, accounting for $69 billion.

Nielsen Reports Majority of Online Video Viewers are Women
Nielsen, in its State of the Media Trends in TV Viewing—2011 TV Upfronts, stated that 54% of online video viewers are…female. That sort of flies in the face of what we have been seeing from all other research outfits up until now.

They also say that only 143.9 million Americans watched online video in January 2011 which is some 30 million off what comScore says. Maybe more women are hooked into the Nielsen network and not the comScore network? That might explain the separation maybe 10% in gender reports.

Along ethnicity lines, 77.9% of online video viewers are “white” (Don’t call me white! -NOFX), 12.1% hispanic, 10.6% African-American, 3.5% Asian and 1% Native American Indian with 7% listed as “other.”

Cady McClain returning to ALL MY CHILDREN?
Despite reports saying that Cady McClain will be bringing Dixie back to ALL MY CHILDREN before the soap ends in September, Soaps In Depth has learned that the fan favorite's return isn't completely carved in stone just yet. A source close to the actress shares that while negotiations are underway with AMC, nothing has been signed.

Eddie Cibrian weds LeAnn Rhimes
The couple famously met, and had affairs with each other, while filming Lifeitme's Nothern Lights in 2008.


  1. AGAIN nielsen is off! Where in the blazes do they get their numbers? Not from we the people..Nielsen revamp your methods and quit claiming to be THE word on all shows.In all on the computer and off the computer friends and aquaintances not one has a nielsen box or been polled and these people are from all walks of life, both sexes, all over the world...shut up nielsen!

  2. Nielsen is a very biased system. I wouldn't trust that chart. Independent studies says that minority groups is higher that the numbers on that chart. They also only focus on one age group and not all.