Friday, April 15, 2011

NEWS: More Columnists Weigh in on ABC Cancellations

End of soap operas could be a bad sign
"Times have definitely changed; however, what once used to be watching television as a form of entertainment has now changed to observing how much weight people are losing each week or watching two drunk adults 'hook up.' Has society really changed this drastically and become this dumbed down?"

ABC Cancels Two Soap Operas -- Could They Be Making Room For Katie Couric?
"In the same breath, they're greenlighting replacements for the soap operas. Hmm. They sound kind of vague, kind of hastily-assembled, right?"

ABC Cancels Soap Operas, Hates Us All
"That’s just cold."

The Death of the Soap Opera
“Our drama is great, that is a different kind of drama,” Kate Linder told Hollyscoop. “I think a lot of that drama might be fabricated and this kind of drama people are playing the characters, playing the stories of what is going on they are totally different kinds of dramas. I would rather be involved in YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS actually.”

The death of soap operas: What does it say about television?
1. Networks are cheap (and cruel)
2. There's better TV out there now
3. Soap isn't advertising on daytime TV anymore
4. ABC's making room for Katie Couric
5. "Real life" overtook soaps

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1 comment:

  1. It shows an indifference to the ABC Daytime audience to cancel two daytime soaps on the same day.

    To replace those same soaps with a menu that's already VERY available elsewhere to the tune of entire CHANNELS really says that ABC doesn't care too much for its daytime audience at all.

    No sense caring about ABC, folks. ABC doesn't care about YOU as a daytime viewer.