Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NEWS: Joshua Morrow, Thom Bierdz, Nathan Filllion, Lindsay Lohan

Young and Restless Hunk Joshua Morrow on Nick Newman: "It's Just Not In Him to Be Like His Father"
"Everybody always said from the day I joined the show, 'He’s the next Victor, he’s the next Victor,' and I completely disagree with that. Nick is nothing like his father," says Morrow.

Thom Bierdz Is Ready To Fall In Love: 'Facebook Me'
"I have had the good fortune to have had many long-term relationships with some terrific guys, all different types. Physical attraction is important, but more so is chemistry, and you don’t know that until you meet in person. I always choose guys who are honest and kind to strangers. I operate my Facebook Thom Bierdz page and respond to every message whether it’s business-related or personal. I am ready to date and fall in love, so Facebook me!"

Nathan Fillion: "I can't even imagine going back now"
"Nothing could have prepared me for the kind of work that was ahead of me on daytime. It's a 44-minute program every day that they put out. One scene will be seven minutes or 10 minutes, and you just keep going and you don't stop. I can't even imagine going back now, even having had that boot camp. But my experience there was so positive. If I wanted to learn something, there were people that have been there 30 years who are willing to say, 'No problem, let me help you.'"

Gillian Reynolds: My ARCHERS addiction is just too strong
"I’ve fallen off the anti-ARCHERS wagon. I blame the Duchess of Cornwall. If she hadn’t visited Caroline Bone at Grey Gables, Ambridge’s posh hotel, on February 16 and sampled its legendary shortbread I’d still be watching Channel 4 News and pretending I didn’t care about what made the front page of this newspaper on February 17."

Richard Burgi to portray one half of conjoined twins on HOT IN CLEVELAND
Burgi will play Timothy, who is set up on a date with Victoria (Wendie Malick). Victoria is, of course, unaware that her date is bringing along a twin.

Upset Lindsay Lohan writes letter to Lorne Michaels over "SNL" mockery
Lindsay wasn't happy to see Miley Cyrus play her in the opening sketch or mock her in her monologue on last week's show.

Fourth Annual Televison Academy Honors Will Celebrate Eight Programs Exemplifying “Television with a Conscience”
The eight programs to be honored at the Fourth Annual Television Academy Honors were announced Monday by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman and CEO John Shaffner. The winners include FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and PARENTHOOD.

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