Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEWS: Lucci on Pratt, America Ferrera, Sarah Silverman, Alec Baldwin

"I have another year to go on my contract. And, I can say to you that I have just begun - just begun - shooting material such as I have never done before as an actress. Things Erica Kane has never done before. It's very exciting material and that story arc is a long arc that is written to at least next Fall. That much I can tell you! Of course, the show is not just my storyline, it's all the people there - and that's what we're hearing from all the executives at ABC, is how enthusiastic and excited they are by the writing. We had a head writer who was let go a year and half ago - he was just not the right match for our show."

America Ferrera: "My Heart is Very Close" to GOOD WIFE Guest Role
"I certainly didn't expect to jump into anything on TV that shortly after being off BETTY," the Emmy-winning actress says of her guest stint on THE GOOD WIFE as graduate student and illegal alien Natalie. "For me, the appeal was just how [creators and executive producers Robert and Michelle King] were really interested in addressing this topic and having the character set in the world of these hot-button issues of immigrants in this country. My heart is very close to those issues."

Sarah Silverman to guest on THE GOOD WIFE
She will appear in Episode 222.

Listen To Songs from the GREY'S ANATOMY Musical Episode [AUDIO]
GREY'S is taking the songs which have filled fans ears now for seven years and creating their very own cast rendition in upcoming “Song Beneath the Song” episode.

Alec Baldwin’s Chest Hair
A video and photo collection.

A look at 10 primetime bubble series
If FRINGE got renewed, why can't CHUCK get a pickup?

No actress in television has displayed more talent or less luck than Dana Delany over the past 25 years
Two of her shows, the brilliant Vietnam drama CHINA BEACH and PASADENA, a fascinating but short-lived series about a sinister publishing dynasty, were in effect canceled by wars, their audiences lost during endless preemptions for news coverage of the first Gulf War and the Sept. 11 attacks.

Like its characters, TV's PARENTHOOD struggles
Helping the cause: Richard Dreyfuss, who last night began a four-episode arc as a theater producer and war buddy of patriarch Zeke Braverman, played by Craig T. Nelson. Dreyfuss says he was lured to this small-screen project by the cast ("I've known a bunch of them a long time") and the show's air of openness ("The first thing I did was change the way my character dressed, and they said fine").

Will MAD MEN Have to Cut SIX Characters?
A source close to the show said that AMC has asked showrunner Matthew Weiner to cut a particular dollar amount from his cast budget for each of the next three years—an amount that, the source explains, would necessitate cutting (not reducing, but actually eliminating) at least two regular cast members in each of the next three seasons. When asked to elaborate on what "regular" means in this case, the source said that the actors in question are those who "would be considered fulltime on the show."

Don't Blame Matthew Weiner for MAD MEN Delay
Whatever the price tag Weiner's asking for, whatever the changes he's being asked to make -- more commercial time or reduction of characters allegedly among them -- it's all beside the point now. AMC and Lionsgate balked two years ago at Weiner's salary demands and here we are again. Apparently there's been too much distance -- and too much success --- at AMC to remember where they were before making MAD MEN.

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