Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEWS: Eric Roberts Kisses Ali Sweeney, 'Sweet Valley' Revisited

Eric Roberts teaches Alison Sweeney hot to give the perfect screen kiss on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE
After airing a clip of Alison kissing her co-star on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Eric felt that Alison needed some pointers. Eric grabbed her face and went in for an open mouth kiss. Both Eric and Alison seemed smitten while Access live host Kit Hoover looked on. Kit added that she felt like "Chopped Liver," which Eric quickly rectified by giving her a kiss on the lips as well.

New Images of Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold in SMALLVILLE
"The episode takes place in Booster's very early stages where he's at his conceited best, where he believes he can do whatever he wants. He's gonna stay for the photo op and bask in the glory of his heroic efforts. [Beetle] wants to stand in the back and not be a glory hound, they are completely opposites of one another."

DAYS Response From Suwanee Still Strong
A week after the human crunch in Suwanee over the DAYS OF OUR LIVES tour appearance, interest remains strong. A tour representative said Saturday that about 200 people have requested signed copies of the commemorative photo book based on the long-running NBC daytime TV show. Organizers set up a special email last week after having to turn away hundreds of fans Monday at Suwanee City Hall.

'Sweet Valley' revisited
The highly anticipated update to the classic 1980s series "Sweet Valley High" is here. As we reported in July, "Sweet Valley Confidential" (St. Martin's Press) takes place 10 years after high school.

The series protagonists -- twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield -- are 27 now and on their own, no longer safely ensconced in the split-level, Spanish-style home of their parents. Their perfect figures, cascading blond hair and aquamarine eyes remain. And in case you need any reminders that the book takes place in modern times, there are references to Facebook, Google, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake.

Willey: ALL MY CHILDREN staying on the air
"We've been told by the (ABC) brass it's not true, and I believe them."

Study: Mothers Watch Soap Operas, And So Will You
A survey of 1,000 British men and women showed that 33 percent of men and about 67 percent of women eventually begin acting like their mothers, a change "characterized by worrying, watching soaps and going to bed early." The average age this happens is around 32, because as behavioral expert Joachim de Posada explains, "At 32, most women have a child or are thinking about having a child and they become what their mothers were."

Are You Only as Happy as Your Spouse?
Quite a lot, according to a new study which found people’s happiness waxes and wanes over time based on how happy their spouses are.

MAD MEN pink slip odds
The New York Post is offering up the odds of each character has of receiving a pink slip. Don Draper: 100/1. Pete Campbell: 60/1.

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