Saturday, August 14, 2010

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.66 THE BAY Fundraiser #5

On Episode 1.66 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, Stephen Seidel goes on location to the recent fan fundraising event party for THE BAY at Henry's Hat and speaks with several soap stars who attended to support the cast and crew including Carmen Duncan (ANOTHER WORLD), Michael Swan (AS THE WORLD TURNS), Kate Linder (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) and Erik Fellows (DAYS OF OUR LIVES).

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  1. so good to see Carmen Duncan

  2. I echo the previous two posters. Another World might still be on the air if Carmen Duncan's Iris had remained on the Bay City scene instead of so needlessly being shipped off to prison. The Iris / Rachel scenes entertained so many of us with the incredible Vicky Wyndham as Rachel facing off first with Beverlee McKnisey and then Carmen Duncan. I could watch Carmen Duncan's scene where Iris admits she was the "Chief" with the late Douglass Watson hundreds of times and still find it riveting.

    One question was left unanswered. At last report, Ms. Duncan had taken a job raising funds for cancer prevention in her native Australia. Has she returned to the US on a more permanent basis?