Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: Don Hastings

Simply stated, Don Hastings is the history of American television personified in one man. He started his television career back in 1948 (!) as one of the stars of CAPTAIN VIDEO (along with Nat Polen, who played Dr. Cassen on ATWT for many years), and continued on that series until 1955.

He wasn't idle for long, as he was an original cast member of ATWT's sister show THE EDGE OF NIGHT, as Jack Lane, staying in the role until late 1960, when he joined AS THE WORLD TURNS as a slightly aged Bob Hughes.

Married to Lisa, Sandy, Jennifer, Miranda and, finally, Kim, Bob has been the eternal hero of ATWT. Although his screentime has been diminished in recent years, he still commands the screen when given a good script.

- WLS Interview Archive: Don Hastings

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