Friday, April 2, 2010

WLS Interview Archive: Don Hastings

April 2nd is not only the anniversary of the first airing of AS THE WORLD TURNS, but yesterday was also the birthday of the beloved and honored Don Hastings.  Although most know him as the respected pillar "Dr. Bob Hughes" on AS THE WORLD TURNS, many are not aware of how Mr. Hastings was a pioneer embarking in a brand new entertainment called television back when other actors had their fears and trepidations about an unfamiliar new medium (sound familiar?). Please enjoy this interview from January 2010 as we explore his past as a child star in theater and radio, his reflections on Bob Hughes, and insights into facing unemployment for the first time in 61 years. You don't want to miss this one!

Part One -  The acclaimed and beloved actor shared his past as a child actor in theater, radio, and a new entertainment medium called television.
Part Two - Hastings discusses starting on AS THE WORLD TURNS, as well as acting and writing under Irna Phillips.
Part Three  Hastings shares insights into being a soap writer, and what it takes to make a daytime soap successful.   
Part Four  Hastings offers his thoughts about submitting his work for Emmy consideration, and where his reactions to the cancellation of the show he has been on for 49 years.   
Part Five - Hastings shares insights into keeping Dr. Bob interesting for nearly 50 years, as well as what the future holds for Mr. Hastings himself. Could this pioneer of radio and television take his craft to the internet next?

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