Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TeleNext Statement On The Final Day of Taping at AS THE WORLD TURNS

AS THE WORLD TURNS taped its 13,858th and final episode at its Brooklyn studios today. Producers TeleNext Media released a statement on the end of the show.
Last December, when CBS informed us that they were canceling AS THE WORLD TURNS, we immediately launched a far-reaching search to find a new outlet for the show,” said Brian T. Cahill, senior VP and managing director of TeleNext Media Inc. “We have aggressively pursued network and cable outlets as well as syndication options, and have explored many innovative formats and relationships that we hoped would ultimately enable the future success of AS THE WORLD TURNS. Regrettably, we have not found an outlet or platform that will carry the show forward. This is an extremely disappointing outcome to what was a tireless and exhaustive pursuit.

While we are sad to see AS THE WORLD TURNS come to an end, we remain proud of the achievements the show has made over the last 54 years and are extremely grateful to the loyal fans who invited us into their homes every day. There is still much in store for the show’s well-loved characters throughout the summer, and although the show will go off the air in September, the remaining stories will honor the remarkable history of AS THE WORLD TURNS.
- WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.51 Elizabeth Hubbard, Part 3 (from ATWT's Final Week of Taping)
- WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.31 Jake Silbermann & Grayson McCouch in ATWT's Final Week of Taping


  1. So it's official, TeleNext is giving up. :(

  2. They tried. Oh how they tried. Didn't believe it with GL and don't believe it now. They couldn't wait to get out of the soap business and focus on producing stupid commercials posing as "web soaps". How stupid do they think we are?

  3. "...although the show will go off the air in September, the remaining stories will honor the remarkable history of AS THE WORLD TURNS."

    Does this mean that Janet, Liberty and the maid's son will be gone sooner than later? Will Luke, Reid and Noah be on air more than once a week? Will Vienna take a hike? Can we see more of the Hughes family beyond Casey and Margo at the police station? Will Molly and all her drivel pack up and be gone?

    Let's hope that the ending doesn't use Bob & Kim's 25th anniversary as a template where all is resolved in less than 1 days time.

  4. Rikita,

    I personally believe that TeleNext believes we, the valued viewers and their *consumers*, are very stupid. Anyone who believes that TeleNext actively pursued alternatives for both GL and ATWT are fooling themselves - it did not happen.

  5. Oh please TeleNext gave up the minute it was cancelled. I sincerely doubt they tried.

  6. I doubt TeleNext did anything to find another outlet for World Turns. Like they couldn't have done a web-based version with a scaled-down cast? Something, um, like Martha Byrne is doing with Gotham and Crystal Chappell with Venice? And Michael O'Leary with Steamboat? Truly sad.

  7. I just can't believe that no one cares about these beloved soaps, they couldn't find another outlet. Don't think they'll just stop with ATWT. Heaven help the other soaps. Which one will fall next? Everyone watch other soaps no mater how bad they are enjoy them while they are still on. As we all know their destroying the soaps one by one slowly and painfully, no one is safe. And they think were to stupid to notice.GL fans lets keep up not watching Let's Make a Deal, It's not doing well in the ratings. W CBS you pissed away beloved fans we may be few they will never get them back, no mater what crap you replace ATWT with.