Saturday, June 19, 2010

NEWS: Haiduk Out, Turkish Soaps, Emmys, Skarsgard, LSD

Stacy Haiduk's contract not renewed
Fans are rallying to try and extend Haiduk's run on the show.

Evan Alex Cole auditioning for contract role on ONE LIFE TO LIVE
The AS THE WORLD TURNS actor tweeted the news on Friday.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE is casting the following role: MALE (18-24; Caucasian) - TJ. Sexy, handsome and edgy. TJ is silent, mysterious and brooding. He's the kind of boy that all the girls want to "save" and their parents want to keep away. CONTRACT

EDITOR'S NOTE: Also check out Brandon Buddy Out at ONE LIFE TO LIVE?

LSD Has Little Effect on TV Marketplace
Three months after Nielsen pulled the plug on Live ratings in local markets and replaced it with Live + Same Day, there have been few signs that the change in currency has caused any seismic shifts in the planning and buying of TV time. In fact, new research from Janice Finkel-Green, evp and director of buying analytics for Magna Global, indicates that so far, Live + Same Day has not led to inflated rates or ratings, nor an exodus of advertisers from the medium.

Turks Put Twist in Racy Soaps
Led by GUMUS (“Noor” in Arabic), a wave of Turkish melodramas, police procedurals and conspiracy thrillers — YAPRAK DOKUMU, KURTLAR VADISI, ASMALI KONAK, IHLAMURLAR ALTINDA and now the steamy ASK-I-MEMNU, the top-rated series in Turkey (think Madame Bovary on the Bosporus) — are making their way onto Arab televisions, wielding a kind of soft power.

Through the small screen, Turkey has begun to exercise a big influence at Arab dinner tables, in boardrooms and bedrooms from Morocco to Iraq of a sort that the United States can only dream about. Turkey’s cultural exports, not coincidentally, have also advanced its political ambitions as it asserts itself on that front, too, sending a flotilla to Gaza, defying the United States over sanctions on Iran, talking tough to its onetime ally, Israel, and giving Kemal Ataturk’s constitutionally secular state an Islamic tinge.

Alexander Skarsgard: Battleship Brothers with Taylor Kitsch
TRUE BLOOD's Alexander Skarsgard has signed on to star as the brother of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS actor Taylor Kitsch in the action-adventure Battleship, Universal’s adaptation of the Hasbro board game.

The Broadcast-Cable Battle & The Future of The Primetime Emmy Awards
The broadcasters’ main problem with the Primetime Emmy Awards is that they have evolved into a showcase for smaller critically acclaimed cable series and movies few viewers are familiar with, thus the lower ratings for the telecast and its diminished value as a promotional platform for the broadcast nets that pay for it.

James Franco opening first solo show at the Clocktower Gallery in NYC
"The Dangerous Book Four Boys," which includes sculpture, photography and drawing, as well as film and video, will be curated by Alanna Heiss, the founder and former director of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center.

ABC will burn off HAPPY TOWN episodes on Saturday night in July
ABC has pulled the burn-off series from the schedule and will air the final 2 produced episodes on a Saturday in July.


  1. What is wrong with Y&R? Haiduk has been the best thing on that show but they go and hire z list celebrities and get rid of her? I'm just appalled.

  2. I have to agree that I am shocked and appalled.
    Haiduk was brilliant as Patty - but she even made Emily an interesting character, and there was so much more to explore.
    My guess is they can't think of what else to do with Emily, now that Patty is locked up, presumably for good.
    If I were the writer, I would have had Emily have a breakdown and go psycho, because Haiduk plays that SO well. Can you imagine poor smilin' Jack if Emily went bonkers, too???

  3. Let it be said that MAB & company just don't understand fans. Haiduk was brilliant. Why can't they flesh out the character of Emily?

  4. I would rather see Patty redeemed than Adam.