Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broadway Cares 2010 - Mark Lawson Interview

We Love Soaps had the profound privilege of attending the Broadway Cares Equity Fight AIDS benefit concert in New York back on March 21, 2010, and speaking to many ABC stars about their reasons for participating in this event. Please enjoy this series of interviews spotlighting the commitment and devotion of these talented stars.

MARK LAWSON (performed “What Is it About Her” from "The Wild Party")

We Love Soaps: What a great performance! How did you choose that?
Mark Lawson: To be honest, I didn't choose it, I let the musical director choose what he wanted me to sing this year.  When I first heard the song I e-mailed him and said, “Did you mean to send this to me? This is a really tough song. I’m not sure I’m the right guy.”  He kind of threw the gauntlet down and challenged me, and I’ve been busting my tail to get it right.

We Love Soaps: You were challenged this year?
Mark Lawson: Absolutely.  I’ve never performed a song that has such a high register and this one does.  I was sweating bullets.

We Love Soaps: Why for you is supporting HIV/AIDS causes important?
Mark Lawson: I can’t imagine how it’s not important to anybody.  You can’t help but be in the entertainment industry, in the theater industry, in the film and TV industry and not have a personal connection to it.  If there is any way I can help, and if that’s singing a little bit,  then I’m going to do it.  And it’s an easier way for me to do it than marching.  It’s a way I feel I can make more of an impact.

We Love Soaps: You certainly did,  and I think you heard that in the audience.  What is it like for you to walk onto a Broadway stage and have everyone screaming your name?
Mark Lawson: That was a trip.  Last year I had kind of the polite screaming fans.  But this was a total different thing.  Last year it wasn’t like that at all.  This year I almost got knocked on my tail a little bit.  It’s just like this wave of sound hits you, it’s good.

We Love Soaps: Anything you can preview for us about what’s coming up for Brody?  Right now his heart is a little bit broken.
Mark Lawson: That might continue for awhile and there might be some of the good ol’ drunk Brody coming back.

We Love Soaps: He was pretty wild and rambunctious when he started. 
Mark Lawson: I’m hoping he makes another appearance soon.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you would like to learn more ways to take action against the spread of HIV/AIDS, and want to learn more about the current HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials, please visit Hope Takes Action, or contact Damon at [email protected].

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