Friday, March 26, 2010

Broadway Cares 2010 - Cornelius Smith, Jr. Interview

We Love Soaps had the profound privilege of attending the Broadway Cares Equity Fight AIDS benefit concert in New York back on March 21, 2010. We spoke with many ABC stars about their reasons for participating in this event.  Please enjoy this series of interviews spotlighting the commitment and devotion of these talented stars. 

CORNELIUS SMITH, JR.  (Performed “Let It Sing” from "Violet")

We Love Soaps: How did you decide on doing this number?
Cornelius Smith, Jr.: I actually did that number in grad school.  It was part of a cabaret we did in grad school.  I became attached to the song and I just love it.  It has a great message, and this was a great platform to do it again.

We Love Soaps: You have a history of activism and helping people with HIV/AIDS.
Cornelius Smith, Jr.: Yes.  Anytime I can give back and help out, it’s always great.  I love it, every opportunity I can.  They asked me to do [Broadway Cares] this year and I was amped and hyped to do it.  It’s been a really great time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you would like to learn more ways to take action against the spread of HIV/AIDS, and want to learn more about the current HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials, please visit Hope Takes Action, or contact Damon at [email protected]

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