Friday, March 26, 2010

Broadway Cares 2010 - Beth Ann Bonner & Bree Williamson

We Love Soaps had the profound privilege of attending the Broadway Cares Equity Fight AIDS benefit concert in New York back on March 21, 2010, and speaking to many ABC stars about their reasons for participating in this event.  Please enjoy this series of interviews spotlighting the commitment and devotion of these talented stars.

BETH ANN BONNER & BREE WILLIAMSON (Performed “For Good” from Wicked")

We Love Soaps: I loved your number tonight.
Beth Ann Bonner: Did you like it?

We Love Soaps: It was so sweet! And I loved "Wicked."
Bree Williamson:  We got all choked up the first couple of times we sang it.
Beth Ann Bonner: I know! I thought we were either going to laugh really hard or really cry because we love each other so much. 

We Love Soaps: How did you decide on doing this song?
Beth Ann Bonner: She goes, “I want to do this song.” I said, “Yep, we’re doin' it.”
Bree Williamson:   That’s exactly how it happened. 
Beth Ann Bonner: But we were nervous, really really nervous. 
Bree Williamson:  My legs were shaking.

We Love Soaps: What is it like to walk out on a Broadway stage and have an entire theater full of people screaming your name and taking your picture?
Bree Williamson:  I’m really glad you didn’t speak to me right before.  It’s terrifying! What is it like to face your most scariest moment ever in the whole wide world?
Beth Ann Bonner:  I don’t know but she nailed it.

We Love Soaps: Speaking of rooms full of people screaming your name, we have some exciting things to talk about.  You are both appearing at our first ever WE LOVE SOAPS weekend May 21-23rd.  Is there any possibility of your performing this song together that weekend?
Beth Ann Bonner: We would love to sing that!
Bree Williamson:  Of course we would, why not? Let’s do it!

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you would like to learn ways to take action against the spread of HIV/AIDS, and want to learn more about the current HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials, please visit Hope Takes Action, or contact Damon at [email protected].

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