Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robert Newman on the 50 Greatest Actresses

Actor Robert Newman (ex-Josh, GUIDING LIGHT) has worked with a number of the women in the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses list. We asked him to comment on each of them.

Kim Zimmer: Kim is one of the craziest, toughest broads on the planet. This also happens to make her one of the finest actors one could ever hope to work with. She is always honest in her work. Nothing is phoned in. Nothing is manufactured. She is the real deal 24/7. She will fight and argue and scratch and claw in rehearsal, but when that red light goes on, she is 100% committed to whatever the story is at that moment. She is a force to be reckoned with. When you’re on camera with Kim, you’d better bring you’re "A" game. She will. Every time.

Beverlee McKinsey: Beverlee was a funny, classy, beautiful woman. Her humor off-camera was smart and sassy. He work on-camera was smart and full and passionate. She was an early mentor for me in the art of approaching daytime with dignity. I miss her. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Crystal Chappell: If Crystal asked me about coming onto VENICE I would do it because I love Crystal and I would do that for her.

Jane Elliot: Jane was one of the first to take me under her wing and generously teach me what 3-camera acting was all about. Watching her work was like taking a master class. Working with her (yes, we even had a bedroom scene once) was a gift. She taught me so much about both sides of the camera. She continues to be a great force in daytime.

Maureen Garrett: Maureen is sneaky. Her work sneaks up on you. She has that calming sort of presence and you think she’s doing very little, and in fact that’s exactly true. She understood more than anyone that less can in fact be so much more. Her work would draw you in. You couldn’t not watch her, with that incredible beauty and silky voice. She didn’t bounce off the walls or chew up the scenery. She simply told the truth, with every line and every movement. I loved watching her work.

Charita Bauer: Charita was one of the last of the great legends of daytime. I was in awe of her. She was there at the birth of soaps and carried with her great stature and power. She was honest and tough and smart and strong and all those things that make one an icon. She was very protective of all of us off-camera and would fight to the finish for our workers rights. Her work on-camera was true and pure. She was no-nonsense both on and off camera. She always treated everyone, even a newcomer like me, with respect. I loved her for that.

Marcy Walker: I had the pleasure of working with Marcy in two venues: On SANTA BARBARA I tried to kill her and on GUIDING LIGHT I tried to love her. In both she was extraordinary. She is one of the most beautiful women you can imagine. She reminded me of one of my first movie crushes: Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not. That tall, smoky, smart, sexy blonde. I’m sure she’ll be remembered in daytime for her work with A on Santa Barbara, but I felt blessed that we got her for a while on GL. One of the great women of daytime.

Mary Kay Adams: Mary Kay is all energy all the time. Funny and smart and always that twinkle in her eye. Always some kind of mischief going on with her. She would throw out this deadpan delivery with a smirk. You could tell how much she just loved her craft. One of those actors who could move seamlessly between soaps and Shakespeare. Oh…and whole lot of fun off-camera too.

Cynthia Watros: Working with Cynthia was a wonderful combination of passion, joy, and lunacy. She played Annie to the ends of the earth. It’s not an easy thing, going toe to toe with Kim Zimmer, but Cynthia held her own and then some. As Annie, she managed to walk that fine line between sane and not. She was an absolute joy off-camera and wonderfully unpredictable on-camera. She somehow got us to both despise and adore Annie. We were blessed to have her for the relatively short time that we did.

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