Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daniel Hugh Kelly on the 50 Greatest Actresses

Actor Daniel Hugh Kelly (ex-Frank, RYAN'S HOPE) has worked with a number of the women in the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses list. We asked him to comment on each of them.

Helen Gallagher: Another extremely gifted and beautiful woman, both inside and out, who's level of joy and patience (especially with me) was matched only by her love, generosity and dedication to her art, her show and, especially, her fellow cast mates. An absolute bundle of professional NYC energy, simultaneously wise and embracing, an iconic Broadway chorus line dancer with all the discipline and formidable talent that requires, Helen was not only the best actress and singer I have ever worked with, but she also had the best far. And my God, what an infectious laugh!

Susan Lucci: As gracious and kind as she is unassuming and talented. Outgoing to all, friendly and accommodating, both beautiful and professional, Susan is as good as it gets in our business. Generous to a fault, she is one of the nicest actresses I have ever met, and extremely easy to work with. And she is very, very good. No question she should have won many more awards, but it's not what she's about, which is why she is so loved.

Ilene Kristen: Never a dull moment. A wonderful listener with a built-in joy of life. Never one to avoid a challenge, or shy away from committing 1000% to a scene, a song, a show, no matter how difficult. Absolutely fearless. Ilene was not one to ever let grass grow under her feet, always curious, always growing, always warm and fun. Another beautiful and talented actress from RYAN'S who never walked through a scene in her life and whose interests still run the gamut from rock music to new age vitamins.

Sarah Felder: A talent so awesome it was frightening. A Julliard beauty, who's long hair and soft eyes were as memorable as her scenes. A sensitive yet intense actress, who would push herself to excel in every scene she was ever in....Sarah always gave everything she had, left nothing in the rehearsal room, and employed a work ethic that was truly impressive.

Kate Mulgrew: I never worked with Kate on RYAN'S but did appear at a benefit with her years later at Seton Hill College. I was extremely nervous to be on the same stage with her such is her blinding talent. Her voice, her demeanor, her intelligence, her raw talent combined with her natural beauty is simply overwhelming. I would love to do a show with her sometime.

Nancy Addison: A stunningly beautiful woman, an incredibly talented actress, and a generous and kind soul. To be near her was to fall in love with her, and so I did often, especially when she smiled. Nancy made you a better actor than you ever thought you could or deserved to be, and through patience, humor and a profound gentleness, instilled in those fortunate enough to have worked with her a quiet confidence that has never left any of us. Many owe her, none more than I, and I remain forever grateful. A true professional, she is deeply missed. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon her.

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