Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving Day with OLTL - Kristen Alderson Interview

We Love Soaps had the opportunity to visit the new ONE LIFE TO LIFE set in Manhattan on February 16th and tour the new digs.  During this time we spoke with several cast members about their current experience on the show, the big move, and reflections on their time in Llanview.  Please enjoy this series of interviews.

KRISTEN ALDERSON  ("Starr Manning")

We Love Soaps: Starr just turned eighteen-year-old.  What is it like for you to play this character who is just passing this milestone?
Kristen Alderson: I’m actually eighteen in real life, I turned eighteen May 29th last year.  So Starr and I have always been about a half year apart.  It’s crazy to see the differences between where I’m at at eighteen, and where Starr is at at eighteen.  She has a baby, she has a serious boyfriend, she lives with her boyfriend and her baby.  I still live with my mom and my brother and my dad.  I have more of what tends to be a normal life for an eighteen-year-old and Starr does not at all.  I like being able to play the differences. 

We Love Soaps: What have you learned from playing Starr since you were a very small girl?
Kristen Alderson: I’ve learned to not be like bratty little Starr.  When I was growing up on the show [Starr] was very bratty.  My mom would always say, “See what Starr did? Don’t be like that.” Or, if I ever got a little bit of an attitude at home, my mom would say, “Okay, Starr.”  And immediately I would be like, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like her.”  It really kept me in line.

We Love Soaps: What was it like to grow up on this show?
Kristen Alderson: It’s been absolutely amazing.  I’ve grown up with this family.  They are like a family to me, I’ve seen them more than my own family members.  That goes along with the move.  We moved from our studio that I’ve practically lived in for twelve years to now this new studio but it’s the same family.  It’s a great new energy, it’s exciting, I love it.  I’ll miss my old house, that’s how I picture it, we’re moving from an old house to a new house.

We Love Soaps: And the new house has windows. 
Kristen Alderson: Yes! And we are next door to THE VIEW.  That’s pretty awesome.

We Love Soaps: We saw a preview today for an upcoming story on ONE LIFE TO LIVE...
Kristen Alderson: “Starr’s Crossed Lovers.” 

We Love Soaps: We can look forward to a musical episode coming up?
Kristen Alderson: Yep!

We Love Soaps: Singing and dancing? Do you like to do that?
Kristen Alderson: Yes, I love to do it.  We had so much fun doing our high school musical.  And it was so different, no other soap had done a musical.  We had done musical episodes but this was a  fullout musical for three or four episodes.  I loved every minute of it.  It was super busy and it will be again. 

We Love Soaps: And Starr is a Cramer Woman.  We have been celebrating Cramer Women the past few weeks at We Love Soaps. What does it mean to you be a Cramer Woman?
Kristen Alderson: I feel so blessed to be such a part of soap history.  I think Cramers are soap history.  Starr is a little different, she has some Manning blood running through her.

We Love Soaps: Yes, we don’t know who most Cramer Women’s fathers are!
Kristen Alderson: Yes, I’ve got a daddy!

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