Moving Day With OLTL - Terrell Tilford Interview

We Love Soaps had the opportunity to visit the new ONE LIFE TO LIFE set in Manhattan on February 16th and tour the new digs.  During this time we spoke with several cast members about their current experience on the show, the big move, and reflections on their time in Llanview.  Please enjoy this series of interviews.


We Love Soaps: I’ve really enjoyed seeing you on ONE LIFE TO LIVE as this doctor who seems to be able to perform miracles.
Terrell Tilford: Yes, after he botched his brother’s surgery, I seemed to redeem myself from there.

We Love Soaps: That humbled him a bit.
Terrell Tilford: Very much so, which I was happy about as well.  I come on rather over confident and maybe a little bit arrogant.  This helped to humanize him with the fans. 

We Love Soaps: Do you think he’s more human now?
Terrell Tilford: I think he always possessed it, but I think he didn’t have the opportunity to exemplify it until that opportunity.  I really do love doing those scenes.  I felt like the outcome from that stabilized him more. 

We Love Soaps: What would you like to see happen for Greg next?
Terrell Tilford: For one, I really love doing the surgeries. 

We Love Soaps: Do you like speaking all the medical jargon?
Terrell Tilford: Absolutely.  But at the same time I’d really like to see something happen romantically a lot deeper than it has.  Even if it’s with the whole Rachel and Shawn thing, I’d like that whole thing to build up.  Everybody needs somebody.  Hopefully they’ll go for it.

We Love Soaps: Any acting projects outside of here?
Terrell Tilford: I was just offered the play Hamlet here in the city, I’m considering doing it.  I’ve also been developing a webseries with two filmmakers out in Los Angeles as well.  We should be shooting that in the next couple of months. 

We Love Soaps: What’s that called?
Terrell Tilford: I’m keeping it under wraps at the moment, just until we’ve had five episodes shot. 

We Love Soaps: We definitely support Indie Soaps here at We Love Soaps.
Terrell Tilford: Well you know me with the press, I’m certainly going to let everyone know everything the minute it happens.  And certainly if I do decide to take Hamlet I will certainly let you know. 

We Love Soaps: What’s harder: Shakespeare or all the medical jargon?
Terrell Tilford: Probably Shakespeare. 
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