Erika Slezak came in at #3 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Slezak's work on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

1976: Viki and Joe get good news about their baby from Dr. Jim Craig.
1976: Pat and Tony (Jacqueline Courtney and George Reinholt) visit Viki in the hospital.

1978: Viki forces Karen to admit she's a prostitute.
1978: Viki finds out from Tina that Irene is in a coma.

1978: Marco blackmails Viki with dirty photos of Tina and tapes Viki threatening to kill him.
1979: Viki remembers her dream about Niki Smith.

1979: Viki takes the witness stand at the Marco Dane murder trial.
1982: Dorian is upset to learn Viki has invited Pat and Tony to live at Llanfair instead of her.

1985: Tina confronts Niki about Viki coming back out.
1986: Viki tries to plead with Niki through a mirror.

1986: Niki changes back to Viki.
1987: Viki goes to heaven.

1989: Viki learns that Megan is her daughter.

1994: Viki stops Dorian from ruining Victor's remains.
1994: Viki admits to Clint that she kissed Sloan.

1995: Viki hears her alters.
1996: Erika Slezak's 25th anniversary tribute.

2000: Viki and Ben make love for the first time after her mastectomy.
2003: Viki discovers Victor is alive.

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  1. Of course, since Erika Slezak is #3, I'm trying to guess your top two...
    my picks: Kim Zimmer & Susan Flannery.