Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bill Hayes Pays Tribute To Frances Reid

Bill Hayes, who has played Doug Williams on DAYS OF OUR LIVES since 1970,  shared his feelings on the passing of Frances Reid with We Love Soaps.

Frances Reid was simply the BEST! In 1970, when I joined the cast of DAYS, she was at the height of her acting prowess. She worked every day. She frequently drove the scenes, scenes that were deep with emotion. She so well understood what the story (or scene) was about and portrayed Alice Horton with such clarity that the viewers automatically knew what she knew. That is why, all these years later, the viewers feel she's a part of their own family. Frances opened the window to Alice's soul. For me, the word "genius" is not strong enough to describe how she could accomplish this day after day. What's more, she was a team player, helping others in her direct, witty way. For the first dozen years I was on the show, it was Frances Reid who threw the Christmas party for the cast to gather and be a real family. She was a gem. I shall sorely miss her.

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  1. Bill Hayes is so eloquent in his reactions to his on-screen mother-in-law/grandmother-in-law & off-screen colleague & true friend.

    Thanks For Releasing This Wonderful Recollection, Damon!