Saturday, January 30, 2010

NEWS: Agnes Nixon, Maurice Benard, Zamprogna, Franco

INTERVIEW: Agnes Nixon on AMC, OLTL, ATWT, GL and more
"They’ve moved ONE LIFE into a studio and that’s much bigger for them than the one they had. They are really some great people there. …As long as people work hard and don’t take it for granted… If they keep telling a good story, I think they’ll be alright.

"I didn’t have time to watch GUIDING LIGHT. I knew some of the people there, who were very nice. I just thought it wasn’t necessary. If someone had a little more intelligence or understanding of the craft and the medium, it could have been saved."

INTERVIEW: GH's Maurice Benard (Sonny)
"Sonny shooting his own son is probably the worst thing that could happen to him. It should remind him of how violent his life is. I truly believe Sonny’s done this time. He wants his son to be safe and he sees no other way out. And Sonny wants Dante to feel like he’s the one responsible for sending him to prison. He doesn’t think he can get away with it this time—at least that’s the way I’m playing it in the scenes we’re shooting now."

INTERVIEW: GH's Dominic Zamprogna (Dante)
"Over the course of seven months, it’s been my character working sort of underneath this guy. Maurice is such a supportive, amazing person who truly wants what is best for the show. So when you are working with him that is what you get, someone who wants to do well and wants you to do well, and sparks will fly."

James Franco's Guest Role On GENERAL HOSPITAL Is 'An Ongoing Thing'
"There will be one more very special episode that we will film in May, in New York," he said. What about after that? Any chance we'll see Franco doing more daytime TV? "Other soaps have not called," he said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Snoop Dogg wants a CORRIE cameo
The hip-hop superstar is barred from travelling to Britain after he was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport in 2006 following a fracas, and he's previously urged stars including David Beckham and Sir Paul MCCartney to help get the ban overturned. But bizarrely, one of the main reasons Snoop wants back into the country is to catch up with CORONATION STREET - a soap set in Manchester, England - and has even offered to make a special guest appearance on the show's famed cobbled streets.

A HOUSEWIVES insider confirms that TORCHWOOD's John Barrowman is joining the ABC soap later this season for a minimum of five episodes. The actor will play the Big Bad at the center of the Angie (Drea de Matteo) mystery. Barrowman’s arc will kick off in early April and span the final five episodes of the season.

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