Saturday, January 30, 2010

FLASHBACK: Sarah Brown 2001

'GH' Brown-out has fans taking sides

By Michael Starr
New York Post
March 21, 2001

GENERAL HOSPITAL fans are e-mailing fast and furiously over several Post articles written by yours truly about Sarah Brown's departure from the show and comments made by executive producer Jill Farren Phelps.

Brown (Carly Benson) is leaving to pursue a prime-time acting career and because she wants to (eventually) direct. Both she and Phelps deny the pair have clashed loudly on the "GH" set - hastening Brown's departure.

Phelps told The Post that no decision has been made yet on whether to recast the role of Carly - something Phelps says she would rather avoid.

Here's a sampling of e-mails sent to me yesterday:

From Michelle: "Enough is enough. It's time they ['GH'] start listening to their fans . . . It's time Ms. Phelps and her cohorts learn that we are not uneducated people, and that we know when we are being played."

From E. Judd: "There was a 'GH' before Miss Brown, and there will be a 'GH' after she's gone. Since they don't have to waste time thinking of more scenes of Carly doing egregious harm to others . . . they'll have the chance to focus on the entire cast for once."

From L.F.: "I truly believe that if Ms. Phelps had negotiated in good faith to renew Ms. Brown's contract she would have had at least until September to build to a proper ending."

From Sandra: "Just when I think that Jill Farren Phelps has reached the limits of her arrogance and hubris, that woman proves me wrong. Unhappy 'OLTL' fans didn't coin the name 'GodJilla' for nothing."

From Kris: "I hope you also understand that there are fans of 'General Hospital' who, although we wish Sarah Brown well, believe the show will go on without her. Sarah Brown is not the first actress to ever leave a soap - and she won't be the last."

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