Nelson's Soap Scrapbook #9 - ANOTHER WORLD 1987

Nelson Aspen dug into his scrapbooks for some memorabilia from his early showbiz career in Daytime TV and shares some of his personal photos exclusively with We Love Soaps. All photos are owned by Nelson. For more of his exploits, read "Hollywood Insider Exposed!"

We continue this series with two photos from ANOTHER WORLD.

ANOTHER WORLD, 1987. Party at my place. David Forsyth and two members of the Production Staff.

ANOTHER WORLD, 1987. Same party. My best friend Glenn with Denise Alexander, producer (now Y&R director) Susan Strickler and me. Omigod, that wardrobe.


  1. Your wardrobe looks really hip, Nelson. You look super cool! :)

  2. That's all right, Nelson... It was the 80s, we didn't know any better :D