Nelson's Soap Scrapbook #1 - SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 1984

Nelson Aspen dug into his scrapbooks for some memorabilia from his early showbiz career in Daytime TV and shares some of his personal photos exclusively with We Love Soaps. All photos are owned by Nelson. For more of his exploits, read "Hollywood Insider Exposed!"

We kick off this new series with two photos featuring the late, great Mary Stuart.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, 1984. Nelson with daytime legend Mary Stuart and Terri Eoff at Mary's annual Christmas party.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, 1984. Mary Stuart with costumed extras at the "Murder for Merriment" party. SFT viewers will recall that it was at this function that Warren Carter (Michael Corbett) set up his ex-wife, Suzi (Terri Eoff), for the attempted murder of her love rival, Justine (Leslie Stephens).


  1. I love that photo of Mary at the Murder Mystery party, thank you so much for sharing that with us.
    BTW I've received your book. I couldn't wait and went directly to the chapter about Mary and devoured it. You are so lucky to have had the chance to work with Mary and the rest of the SFT cast. To have worked with her is incredible, and to have become friends with her, wow, I'm so jealous.
    PS I love that story about you and Marcia McCabe at the Unemployment Office.

  2. LOL!! Thanks Juba...Marcia still teases me about writing that in! It's also mentioned in my previous book "Let's Dish Up A Dinner Party!" which has some more dish on Mary, Marsh & SFT. I have several more happy snaps to share, so keep checking back to the site! Mary was indeed one in a million, so it warms my heart to know that you remember her so lovingly!