Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentina DeAngelis Joins Cast of ATWT

As We Love Soaps revealed in December, the role of Faith on AS THE WORLD TURNS was being recast. We tweeted that the role had been filled a while back and now we can reveal that Valentina DeAngelis has landed the part. Soap fans might recognize DeAngelis from her role as Carmen on GOSSIP GIRL.

14-year-old Ashley Marie Greiner last aired as Faith on Christmas Day.

With the addition of a new Liberty and now an aged Faith, it looks like in its final year AS THE WORLD TURNS is focusing on new faces and younger characters. Is this what you want to see?


  1. Weren't these casting and storyline decisions done before the cancellation? Did they have time to toss out every thing and rewrite it all?

  2. P&G needs to wake up and smell the coffee, the show is ending(probably as they prefer) and they are writing ATWT and casting it like it will go on forever.

  3. Are They Turning Faith Into A Lolita Type character with this casting come on that pic makes this actress look like a porn star

  4. NO, that is not what I want to see in the final months. I loved Faith, and this recast isn't something I'm cheering about.
    Why can't we have more Lucinda, Lisa, and Margo in the final months - legacy actors with real chops that we CARE about (hello, P&G) rather than interchangeable CW hair models.

  5. One of the key points to Faith was that she had a wait problem and was a sweet, insecure girl. Now, suddenly, faith is a looker?

    That's just wrong....

  6. TestaBlog - I totally agree. I was looking forward to Faith having a realistic storyline about her weight as a teenager, like Traci on Y&R.
    Has she been in porn star weight camp since Christmas?

  7. I would like to think that this is not necessarily what they are doing here. I mean both these decisions seemed to be in the process prior to the cancelation so I want to think there is a method to the madness. I can only hope as we near the end that we will start to see the family oriented stories we crave for our show.

    and as for the pic of valentina i think we should withhold judgment. Perhaps adopt the adage that its not right to judge a book by it's cover. this picture may look provocative or whatever but that doesn't necessarily mean that's how the character will turn out when we see her on screen. I adored Ashley in the role and I'm sad to see her bo, but looking forward I'm anxious to see how this newly aged Faith will play and if she will have chemistry with Van. the dynamic here will surely change a little. And besides her eating disorder issues could still be very present even if she is a little skinny maybe they will revisit. can't wait to see what happens