Sharon Gabet came in at #42 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Alexander including her work on THE EDGE OF NIGHT, ANOTHER WORLD and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

1980: Raven prepares to go to court. (EON)
1981: Raven asks Derek to get her a gun. (EON)

1983: Raven and Sky are unable to escape the CEA. (EON)
1984: EDGE OF NIGHT ends with Sky and Raven (and a sword). (EON)

1985: An ANOTHER WORLD promo for early Brittany scenes.
1986: Brittany tells Catlin she's in big trouble (this clip also features a nice Ellen Wheeler and Tom Eplin scene as Marley and Jake). (AW)

1987: Melinda demands to know whose baby Lena is holding. (OLTL)
1988: Jon breaks up with Melinda. (OLTL)

1988: Cassie tries to talk sense into Melinda about Jon. (OLTL)

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