Friday, January 8, 2010

50 Greatest Soap Actresses: #42 Sharon Gabet

NAME: Sharon Gabet
RANK: 42
SOAP ROLES: Melinda Cramer, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1987-1989); Brittany Peterson, ANOTHER WORLD (1985-1987); Raven Alexander, THE EDGE OF NIGHT (1977-1984)

1984 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series
1982 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series

Roger Newcomb: Gabet was such a powerful actress. Her Raven on EDGE OF NIGHT was one of my favorite soap opera characters. It would have been wonderful if she and Sky (Larkin Malloy) could have played their characters on another soap after EDGE went off the air. It took a while to find her footing on ANOTHER WORLD but she eventually did and was wonderful. How ironic I attended a press lunch for the Cramer Women the day before Gabet appears in this countdown.


  1. This countdown of greatest actresses is great! I don't know most of them but I like reading about them.

    Hope my favorite actresses, Liz Hubbard and Colleen Zenk Pinter, are on the list.

  2. I remember her from edge of night. I wonder if she still acting. I hope Robin Mattson from general hospital and guiding light and All my Children are on your list. I will be very disappointed if she is not.

  3. Sharon Gabet left such a mark on me -- i've looked her up on and saw a comment from her daughter that she was doing well as a nurse i think somewhere in the Midwest. It's such a shame she left acting behind, she hasn't a clue the effect she had on all of us!

  4. Hopefully by making this list she will realize what an impact she has had on so many, and that her talents are missed.

  5. Oh, Raven was one of my favorite characters of all time! Edge Of Night was my first soap-addiction. It was on right after school (in the now-Oprah time slot) in Cincinnati and I remember running in and turning on the TV to see the adventures of Sky & Raven.
    I didn't realize Sharon Gabet was on OLTL.
    This is a great feature, WLS - looking forward to the rest of the list!

  6. I adored her on AW and it's so strange, a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about her and wondering what she's doing now. Another Great Pick!

  7. While they are bring back Cramer women what about Melinda?

    Is she dead? I don't think so I think she left for Mendora.....

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Gabet the week after EON went off the air. She was just lovely, and so generous and kind to fans. Raven is an all-time favorite character,. "Just you, me and all that beautiful money."

  9. I wanted to add something: Gabet's eyes were ablaze w/fire and energy and hundred other things. It's those eyes, her porcelain skin, and that acting i'll never forget!

  10. I was named after her character on Another World, lol.