Linda Dano came in at #14 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Dano including her work on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, AS THE WORLD TURNS, ANOTHER WORLD and GUIDING LIGHT.

1975: Dano with future ANOTHER WORLD co-star John Aprea in a promo for their new show, THE MONTEFUSCOS.
1979: Gretel and Pat (Jacqueline Courtney) are planning a location shoot at Dorian's.

1981: CBS promo of Cynthia and Ellen's battle over David.
1986: Felicia and Wallingford deal with the snooty Mrs. Royer.

1986: Cass and Kathleen are there for Felicia.
1986: Felicia's missing Zane and her apartment has been trashed.

1987: Wallingford doesn't buy that Felicia and Mitch are not meant to be.
1988: Felicia and Cass speak at Wallingford's memorial.

1988: Felicia marries Mitch.
1992: Felicia tells Lorna she's her daughter.

1992: Lucas dies.
1992: Felicia lears that Sally Madison killed Lucas ("Damn you!!!!")

1993: Felicia finds out Jenna is pregnant.

1993: Felicia's intervention.

1993: Felicia testifies at Morgan's trial.

2001: Skye finds out Rae is her mother.
2001: Rae visits Skye in Port Charles.

2005: Harley and Lena make plans.
2005: Harley and Lena's bush crashes.


  1. These vids are proof that Linda Dano could do it all.

    Thanx for including some of my vids in your *Classic Clips* tribute to my all-time favorite actress :)

  2. I had forgotten she was ever on GL. Thanks for those clips.

    The AW clips were amazing. Felicia was such a special character, most of all I felt she was so warm and while she could cut you if you hurt her or those she loved, she seemed so real. The strength and emotional connection of those characters never dies. Felicia, Cass, Cecile, Wally, they were family.