Monday, January 25, 2010

50 Greatest Soap Actresses: #14 Linda Dano

NAME: Linda Dano
RANK: 14
SOAP ROLES: Lena Kendall, GUIDING LIGHT (2005); Gretel Rae Cummings (1978-1980, 1999-2004); Rae Cummings, GENERAL HOSPITAL (2000); Rae Cummings, PORT CHARLES (2000); Rae Cummings, ALL MY CHILDREN (1999-2000); Felicia Gallant, ANOTHER WORLD (1983-1999); Cynthia Haines, AS THE WORLD TURNS (1981-1982); Airline Clerk, ANOTHER WORLD (1976)

2004 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Class Special
2003 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
1999 ACE Award for outstanding contributions to consumer awareness of accessories
1999 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Favorite Veteran
1996 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
1994 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
1993 Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
1993 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress
1992 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
1989 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Talk/Service Show Host
1989 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Outstanding Comic Performance by an Actress: Daytime

Thom Racina: (wrote for Dano on AW) One of the best actresses in the business, writing for her on AW was a joy. She could do anything, and still can. Many times she made my heart beat stronger than it did in the writing process, no easy feat. I just adore her.

Nelson Aspen: Like so many other great dames on this list, Linda has the remarkable ability to walk the line between melodrama and gut-wrenching realism. As AW's "Felicia" she was in her to wear a feather boa and sachet across Tops Restaurant in one scene and then tear your heart out over her battle with the bottle in the next. The ease with which she floated from one ABC to another as "Rae" was truly remarkable, especially if you consider the challenges of all the different writers, actors and production staffs with whom she had to work. But Linda is not only a consummate professional, she is an absolute sweetheart. Working with her day in and day out on AW (while she also juggled her talk show, ATTITUDES), she was never without a kind word, laugh or smile.

Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix): All love, humor, friendship, and warmth as Felicia Gallant on AW. Interesting -- those qualities are exactly what today’s soaps lack. Bring Linda back to soaps now!

Mimi Torchin: Beautiful, a wonderful actress, and one of the nicest, most genuine, kindest women I know. You'll never hear an unkind word about Linda and that's because she's never done an unkind thing. I love, respect and admire her.

Jonathan Reiner: Felicia’s maternity mess with her two daughters (Jenna and Lorna), combined with the alcoholism storyline, gave Dano a chance to shine in a new and unforeseen way.

Roger Newcomb: Felicia Gallant and Cass Winthrop were my favorite set of friends to ever grace daytime. Throw in Wallingford, Cecile, Kathleen, Frankie and others and you get a master class in comedy. But Dano was so much more than the comedic turns we saw with Felicia, she did drama as well as anyone ever has. I was thinking back recently to how many hours I spent of my own life with Felicia. I have never met Ms. Dano, but I feel like I know her because she was in my living room for months of real time. I can honestly say that I was thoroughly entertained every second.

Damon L. Jacobs: There is such a sense of integrity in every scene Linda Dano appears.  She made the best and worst of her material on ANOTHER WORLD relevant because she committed Felicia's heart and soul 100 percent of time.  As un-lucky in love Felicia, she came to symbolize a perpetual sense of optimism, hope, and resilience.  I always knew I could handle the ups and downs of my own life, color coordinated, thanks to Dano's contributions on daytime television.  Here's hoping we get her back soon! 

Alla Korot: (played Dano's daughter on AW) Linda Dano was the best on screen mother I could have asked for. She was so nurturing and supportive when I first came to ANOTHER WORLD. If it wasnt for her, my experience would not have been as special. She is an outstanding woman and a very giving actress. She always puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I learned so much from Linda Dano! She is the best which is why she so beloved by so many!!

Kale Browne: (worked with Dano on AW) Funny, real, a treasure to work with. A total professional and yet all heart, (but I'm sure you all knew the 'heart' part). Also the best on-cue "cryer" I ever knew.

Sandra Robinson: (worked with Dano on AW) Linda always seems to have a grasp on the best things in life, no matter what her circumstances. She lives full out and fearless and as a young bumbling actor on my first soap job, I was in awe of this quality. I seek to live every day like Linda Dano, with full appreciation of what is, and celebrating every opportunity that comes my way. The most charismatic thing about Linda is her ability to make you feel like you are a close friend, even if you have never met!

Tom Casiello: (worked with Dano at AW) I felt like I knew Linda my whole life when I got my first job at ANOTHER WORLD - but watching her in action was a whole different story. She's larger than life, just like Felicia, but never afraid to go to those places as an actress where maybe she wasn't the most glamorous, or the most fantastical. To this day, I consider Felicia's Intervention to be one of the finest hours of daytime I've ever watched, due to Linda's unapologetically raw performance. She was truly the heart of Bay City, both in front of the camera and behind it. There's a reason Felicia Gallant is still remembered so fondly, eleven years later - and that reason is Linda, one hundred percent.

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  1. Love, warmth, friend, comedic relief--Linda is ALL those things and more! I absolutely adored her as Felicia on AW. The added bonus--she is beautiful, elegant, and one of the nicest people on this planet. I had the opportunity to meet her at the 2001 Super Soap Weekend. She was gracious, friendly and just plain nice!

    Her elegance as Felicia knew no bounds. I just wish I could wear clothes--and a feather boa--as Felicia did! I sorely miss her on my little screen.