NEWS: Franco, E20, PGA, Chappell, NATPE, McKinney

Broadway's Brian Stokes Mitchell cast on UGLY BETTY
The Broadway vet is joining Ugly Betty in the potentially recurring role of Wilhelmina's former flame, Don. The twist? The guy is everything Vanessa Williams’ self-absorbed, superficial taskmistress is not: traditional, down-to-earth, and blue collar. Mitchell also played David Jeffries on GENERATIONS.

GLEE's Jane Lynch To Tie Knot With Girlfriend
Lynch will marry her girlfriend, Dr. Lara Embry, this May, according to

Justin Timberlake would appear on GLEE
But he has yet to be asked.

Kurt McKinney set to appear on AS THE WORLD TURNS
GOTHAM star Kurt McKinney (Liam) will be joining his former GUIDING LIGHT co-stars Tom Pelphrey (Mick) and Daniel Cosgrove (soon-to-be Chris) for a brief recurring stint on ATWT as Craig's shady business partner, Ellis.

TRUE BLOOD's Alexander Skarsgård More Naked Than Ever
"Alex is not shy about getting naked at all!" said Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler. "And there will be lots of those kinds of scenes with Alex this season."

Syndicators ready for NATPE kickoff
At NATPE 2010, all eyes will be on 2011. That's when syndicators expect the market for first-run television shows to return. Or at least they hope so. Talk shows in general are a tough sell in this market. “Talk is expensive and its failure rate is high,” says Dave Morgan, president of Litton Entertainment. “That's difficult in this economy for syndicators.” Expect to see even more court shows which are cheap to produce.

MAD MEN wins again, this time at PGA Awards
MAD MEN was named Best TV Drama at Sunday's Producers Guild of America Awards.

EASTENDERS web spinoff E20 gets 2 million views in a month
The BBC's online Albert Square spin-off, EASTENDERS: E20, has been watched more than 2 million times since it launched earlier this month. One of the UK's most high-profile web TV series to date, E20 has had 2.1 million views on the EASTENDERS website and the BBC iPlayer, according to figures published today.

James Franco speaks out for marriage equality
"Like I said before when Milk was coming out, I hope we'll get to a time soon where we'll look back and say, 'I can't believe that we were discriminating against this whole group of people and saying, 'You don't have the same rights as everybody else.'' I hope that the time comes very, very soon, when we can all look back and say that was ridiculous."

Q&A: Crystal Chappel answers questions from fans on her official website
"I like the way the way they re-introduced Carly. It is better to have a lot of flaws in the beginning so I don’t think I would change anything. It is more interesting for the actor. I agree that Carly, Bo and Hope are people who are going through difficult periods in their lives and the timing is wrong, but it is a soap opera."

Zimbler, who played Jamie Swift on EDGE as a child, has been the artistic director of the Re-Theatre Instrument in Portland, and now is moving back to New York for a full-time gig.

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Robin Strasser (Dorian)
Strasser was a guest on "Stardish Radio" on Sunday night.

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