Julianne Moore Continues To Love ATWT

Julianne Moore was a guest on THE VIEW on Wednesday and she was asked about the cancellation of AS THE WORLD TURNS, where she played an Emmy-winning dual role in the mid-1980s.

It's really upsetting. I loved that show and I loved the people on it. I played two characters. We were cousins and half-sisters, which is kind of disgusting. We had the same father and our mothers were sisters. I ove that show and continue to love it.

Moore always remembers her soaps days fondly. It would be amazing if she came back to the show as Frannie Hughes, even for a day before the end. She uses a British accent in her new film, A Single Man, so she's ready to play Sabrina too!


  1. Roger, I'd thought the same thing (without knowing she'd been on The View yesterday). I think it'd be such a wonderful tribute to the show for now-film actors such as Julianne Moore and Meg Ryan to return to ATWT--even if just for a few days. Unlike "Guiding Light," ATWT has a little more time to wrap things up right, including cameos by former stars. Imagine the good press for both Moore and/or Ryan AND the show (and soaps!) if they were able to return to the show that gave them their start?! Wow...

  2. Great minds think alike. I really think Julianne would be at the top of the list to ask to come back before ATWT ends for good. And I think she'd do it.

    There are plenty of other stars, of course, who came from ATWT, but I don't know that Parker Posey's character (Tess) would have any connections. Meg Ryan's Betsy may still have a few, though she isn't at the top of my list.

    But Frannie is such an important member of the Hughes family. I hope ATWT makes it happen.

    BTW? Julianne Moore is just as beautiful today as she was when I fell in love with her all those years ago.

  3. Patrick, Emily and Betsy are sisters! I want Ellen Stewart back and having her deal with Emily and Betsy again and giving Susan a hard time.

    I actually think Julianne looks even better NOW than she did THEN.

  4. Didn't Betsy and Craig have a history together?
    I'm picturing Meg Ryan and Scott Bryce together in my memory.

  5. Betsy was pretty much raised by Kim who was like her mother.

    Craig made Betsy think he was Dani's father, they got married, he tried to kill Craig, faked still being paralyzed and more. Craig was really bad then and then they softened him a lot as the Bryce years continued.

    The Dani thing, Craig remained close with her, made it all the more creepy when they brought her back and she was sleeping with him. GROSS!

    The Lowells were the core family with the Hughes when this show began. Emily is a Lowell descendent (by adoption) as is Betsy. Ellen Lowell Stewart needs to be brought back. Getting rid of Patricia Bruder was just as bad as letting John Dixon just disappear.

  6. Lindsey Frost was Betsy by the time I started watching. That may be why I am not as gung ho on Betsy. I do remember Ellen though it's been years....

  7. Ellen and Penny were the original teens on ATWT. Eventually Ellen sort of became a matriarch friend of Nancy's even though Nancy was older. Pat Bruder was on the show nearly 40 years and got dumped by one of the many fly by night EPs. Giving Susan the Stewart name again was really weird and Alison having it is just ridiculous. The show has tried to keep the "Stewart" name around even though Emily is the only one who has any claim to it.

    Betsy and Steve are my all-time favorite ATWT couple. Meg Ryan was just amazing in the part. My only complaint from the Doug Marland years was he didn't "get" Steve and destroyed that character and their relationship.

  8. I thought she was in Another World way back in the days playing a twin

  9. Stephanie, she played identical cousins on ATWT. She was never on AW. She actually got her start on EDGE OF NIGHT before ATWT.