Monday, November 2, 2009

Melody Thomas Scott To Star in Online Drama Series

Melody Thomas Scott, best known for her 30 year role as Nikki Newman on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, will star in the upcoming Internet series THE REPUBLIC, a chronicle of the trials and tribulations of the Alden Family as the country collapses around them. Marc Singer, who rose to fame as Mike Donovan in the original 80’s television series “V,” also stars.

Melody plays Martha Alden, a working mother who evolves into a core-of-steel activist fighting against new laws imposed on her family. Singer plays her devoted husband Frank, a civil engineer who, blindsided by the new laws and losses, learns to adapt and thrive in this brave new world.

Like her character, Scott ventures from a familiar role as one of the principal players of daytime television's top-rated series for the past 20 years into the new world of online media.

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THE REPUBLIC is the brain-child of Edgar®-nominated author Clayton Emery. Costume Designer is Michael Philpot (Spiderman 3 and 4). Director of Photography is Christian Leplus, who includes work with renowned Director Franco Zeffirelli among his lenser credits. Producers are Christian Leplus, Larry Houston and Ken Penders. Bernadette Shahin and Susan L. Therriault are Executive Producers.

Making his directorial debut is Ken Penders, a veteran comic book writer and illustrator for DC, Marvel, Image and Archie. He helms both THE REPUBLIC and THE LOST ONES - a superhero epic published by Image Comics and created by Penders, shooting concurrently.

Preliminary sequences not involving the leads have been filmed. Shooting featuring the lead characters commences in November just as a reboot “V” premieres on network television.

In the original “V” series, Singer plays a reporter who discovers the sinister secret behind seemingly peaceful alien earth invaders. Singer has also starred in a string of sci-fi hits, including BEASTMASTER and HIGHLANDER.

Principal photography on THE REPUBLIC and THE LOST ONES trailer is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.

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  1. Wow! MTS is doing a sci-fi project.

    Has she resolved her contract issues with Y&R and doing this on the side?