Darius McCrary Cast as Malcolm on Y&R

In a surprising casting move, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS has hired Darius McCrary to play new Malcolm Winters, a role previously played by Emmy winner Shemar Moore.

“We are thrilled to have the character of Malcolm back on Y&R,” according to a statement from Maria Bell, the drama’s co-executive producer/head writer. “Malcolm, Neil Winters’ brother, has always been a catalyst to exciting stories. He’s coming back to town to see his brother and to reunite with his biological daughter, Lily Winters, as she fights for her life. Malcolm is a photographer … someone who lives on the edge and who always pushes the envelope.”

McCrary is best known for his role as Eddie Winslow on FAMILY MATTERS. He has signed a multi-year deal to assume the role beginning today. His debut will air on Dec. 29.


  1. Worst casting decision ever. What were they thinking?

  2. When a soap recasts a character who has previously made an impact on the show, they must tread very, very carefully. They must choose someone with the right look, who is age-appropriate, and they must choose someone who can ACT. Y&R has always been hit-or-miss with this. They tend to consider "the look" before they consider anything else. In this case, I think they have veered off into some strange place with the recasting of Malcolm Winters.

    The worst offense with this is that daddy Darius McCrary is only 11 years older than daughter Christel Khalil! It's a fine line to walk because I think of parent-child casting like Lila and Margo Montgomery on ATWT. "Mother" Anne Sward was only 8 years older than "daughter" Margaret Colin (and then only 7 years than Hilary B. Smith)--BUT both times it somehow worked. ATWT recently failed, however, when they recast "Mike Kasnoff" with Jon Prescott--who was 11 years younger than Mark Collier, the last actor who played the role (and who was recently back on the show for some guest appearances). Whether they recast a little older...or a little younger, it all depends on how it LOOKS.

    Darius McCrary as Malcolm... is 10 years younger than his "older brother" Neil and 17 years younger than the character he slept with (Drucilla--Victoria Rowell turned 50 this year) who gave birth to his daughter, played by Christel Khalil who is...11 years younger than him. It just looks stupid. The only thing--the ONLY thing--that can save Mr. McCrary at this point is if he is an extremely dynamic, dramatic, fantastic actor. If he can make me forget (like Anne Sward with Margaret Colin and Hilary B. Smith) that the age differences are so glaring by giving the most consistently amazing performances, I will be thrilled to have this character return to Genoa City.

    Right now, unfortunately, I'm not all that hopeful.

  3. This is a much better picture of him than the one on daytimeconfidential.com

  4. I just dont get it, but yes this is a much better picture.

  5. Give the man a chance as I said on daytimeconfidential he is a really good actor. Yes he is more famous for his role in Family Matters but I've seen him in other roles and he was great.

    Ok the age thing might be a problem but even in really life I seen somes fathers that I thought was the brother because they look so young. now if they were to cast a younger Drew noone would complain (double standards). I bet anyone he is going to come on there and knock the ish out the box.

    I hope they pair him up with bigRed OMG that would be off the chain!!!!!!!

  6. No, Venus. Hell, no! Bleh! Darius and Michelle Stafford would not be a hot pairing. Not at all. No way would Red leave hot, rich Nick for this nuMalcom.

    There are so many hotter black male actors in their late 30s and 40s who would have made a better choice. Isaiah Washington. Henry Simmons. Peter Parros. Those are men who are heartbreakers.

    Time for a new casting director at Y&R.

  7. I could care less about the age thing, it's a soap and I can disregard such things as age etc. The problem is that Malcolm Winters as played by Shemar Moore was one sexy beast. I can't even recall his storylines but I do remember him being smooth with the ladies and taking off his shirt a lot.

    Not casting a similar actor is completely changing the character of Malcolm. It's like casting Joe Pesci as Victor Newman.

  8. No, No, No, No... what were they thinking. Just when I was considering getting back on board with Y&R and they pull this crap. I hate Y&R ... I hate Maria Arena Bell for doing this (that stupid bi---)

  9. Jason Olive would have been a much better choice.

  10. Hi Dan,

    Also, with ATWT, Scott Bryce (ex-Craig) & Jon Lindstrom (current Craig), they both are 7-8 years younger than their former on-screen mother Anne Sward (ex-Lila), too--LOL! Even more, Don Hastings (Dr. Bob) & Eileen Fulton (Lisa) were both born in 1934 & their former on-screen son Justin Deas (Tom Hughes #10) was born in 1948!