Tuesday, October 6, 2009

INDIE SOAP BEAT: October 6, 2009

In this week's "Indie Soap Beat" feature, we take a look at the latest happenings from around the world of independent soap opera production.

In case you missed it, an initial set of characters for REALITY BYTES was revealed last week including Trevor Rains (same initials as producer Tristan Rogers), who is described as "The Rainmaker - hired to save the show that made him famous from cancellation." RB is asking fans to name their dream cast on the show's Facebook page. The latest "We Love Soaps Radio" podcast included RB in the list of Hot Topics for the week.

The first V Pod, VENICE podcast, was held with stars Crystal Chappell (Gina) and Jessica Leccia (Ani) on Tuesday. Leccia on her VENICE character: "Ani is in touch with her own truth and who she is. She's light years ahead of who poor Natalia was. She happens to know exactly what she wants which is very different and fabulous." Chappell added her her character: "Gina is very confident in who she is and comfortable with her sexuality. When it comes to her being more intimate, she's so far behind where Olivia was when we left the show."

Stars Martha Byrne and Anne Sayre were fitted for their Nicole Miller wardrobe on Monday. The other announced actor on the show, AS THE WORLD TURNS star Michael Park, shot a behind the scenes video on Tuesday which is expected to be released on Friday. Production on GOTHAM is set to begin on October 17. A website for the new soap will be rolled out soon.

The next new episode of Lauralee Bell's web series, FAMILY DINNER, is scheduled to be released on October 12. Bell told We Love Soaps she hopes to film two more episodes by year's end: "We've talked about doing two more by the end of the year. Max [Knight], the little boy, just got a pilot that may move to Toronto in January. We may lose him, so I'd like to shoot two more with him. But our family is so crazy, we could just not even acknowledge he's isn't there anymore. But I think we'll go with a completely different direction for the dinner guest next time." If you haven't read the new We Love Soaps interview with Bell, check it out here.

The IMAGINARY BITCHES Emmy episode has now reached 19,000 views in less than three weeks. The show was also featured on an episode of BUCK FACTOR last week. We Love Soaps made a guest appearance so if you haven't watched the Emmy special, check it out here.

FANTASY OVER REALITY is a web-friendly sitcom that revolves around a group of guys and their fantasy football league. Y&R's Vail Bloom is feartured in the show. Cam Tilton, Bruce Gants, Rudolph Valentini and Winston Sturvitz are among the other stars. Episode #3 is now online.

If you are in the New York City area, try and see EMPIRE creator Greg Turner's new musical, "All Fall Down," which is premiering this week at the New York Musical Festival. "All Fall Down" is the story of Ben Little, a perfect and popular 19-year-old who goes away to college and seemingly inexplicably jumps from his sixth story dorm room window. Surviving the fall, Ben returns home to his parents and grandmother. As his family tiptoes around the incident, the question quickly becomes not why did he jump, but why is nobody talking about it.

EYE OF THE STORM is a radio soap written and produced by J.R. Benight. The show is currently playing Episode #26, "Taking the Reins," and is expected to release the next episode, "Mind Over Matter," soon. If you're a fan of the classic radio soaps but want a fresh take on it, check this one out.

The eighth episode of WORKSHOP, a new comedic web series that was created by Nate Golon and Kimberly Legg and which stars former PASSIONS actor Phillip Jeanmarie, is now online. The episode is titled "Somebody's Watchin' Me" and was direct by Andre Welsh. 13 episodes are currently planned.

RELATIONSHIPS delves into the lives of the residents of fictional Parkside USA, where everything seems so idyllic but intrigue, rivalry, jealousy and much, much more lies just below the surface. The show is multi-platform and will be available on conventional TV with exclusive clips inline and an interactive website with a community feel. Watch the trailer here. Look for more details as the show prepares to launch in early 2010.

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