Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #14

On Episode #14 of “We Love Soaps Radio,” Roger Newcomb and Soap Opera Weekly's Mala Bhattacharjee discuss the latest hot topics from the world of soaps including the craziest casting week in soap history. The show also features an interview with DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Suzanne Rogers.

Episode #14 includes:
- Hot Topics from the world of soaps including:
* James Franco in at GH
* Jonathan Jackson in/Greg Vaughan out at GH
* Sarah Brown moves to B&B
* Carly's return to DAYS
* Kyle/Fish/Nick triangle on OLTL
* Lily's rushed wedding on ATWT
* AMC's L.A. cast announced

- REALITY BYTES characters revealed

- Damon L. Jacobs interviews DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Suzanne Rogers about how she landed the role of Maggie (via an audition with Y&R) and why her character has come back into prominence in 2009.


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- Mala's blog at SoapOperaWeekly.com
- Greg Turner's "All Fall Down"


  1. I loved the Carly/Lawrence scene at the end of Friday but I knew who they were plus CC was rocking those crazy/dead eyes I think that they'll do some flashbacks and reintroduce both the characters through them. And yes I'll be watching GH (I almost got away) when JJ returns my first cruch!

  2. Great podcast! And I love the idea of a podcast dedicated to the foreign soaps! You're right that soaps are more global these days. Just look at Elizabeth Hubbard on GTST.

  3. Thanks for the Suzanne Rogers interview. Enjoyed it! Smart of Days to give this unsung veteran a renaissance.

    Crystal Chappell's debut starts with a bang then you're gone friday cliffhanger. Carly looks like a badass. Can't wait to see how her story unfolds.

    Crazy soap week. Franco & Jackson on GH. I would check out GH to see what they do.

    Minshew & Kaye not making the move with AMC. Can't blame them for not moving.

    Good podcast, look forward to the next.