Thursday, October 1, 2009


Tristan Rogers' new web series, REALITY BYTES, has revealed a very interesting lineup of characters.

Trevor Rains - The Rainmaker - hired to save the show that made him famous from cancellation

Avery Meadows - The Queen Bitch of Daytime - Just how far WILL she go to save her job and status as the Queen Bitch of Daytime?

Ben Anderson - The Rising Star - He's ready to pack his bags and head back to Canada until he meets.

Victoria Radcliffe - The Intern - Like Alice thru the Looking Glass, Vic is amazed and befuddled with her entry into the lunacy of soapdom.

Jacob Kaplan - The webmaster - Lifelong friend of Vic who has followed her all the way from Iowa to grab his chance at fame and fortune.

Hannah Taylor - The Ingenue - The new "it" girl. Headed down all the wrong paths at breakneck speed, can Hannah arrest her free fall?

Karen Walton - The Head Writer - The glue that holds them all together. Karens hides a lot of surprises behind her calm, matronly demeanor.

Like Martha Byrne and Crystal Chappell, Tristan Rogers is a person who deeply cares about the industry and has demonstrated he knows what fans want to see, so this is another exciting web series on the horizon.

We Love Soaps would like to create an Indie Soap Summit to bring these folks together to discuss the future of soap operas. Stay tuned and keep supporting indie soaps.

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