Monday, September 14, 2009

A Tribute to Irna Phillips

As fans prepare to say goodbye to GUIDING LIGHT this week, it is important to pay tribute to the woman who created the show (and so many others) back in 1937.

Here are some of the Flashback articles and other features we have posted about the legendary Irna Phillips which offer great insight into the woman who developed the soap opera.

- Irna Phllips Would Have Been 108 Today: Her Essay
- FLASHBACK: More Wise Words From Irna Phillips
- FLASHBACK: Irna Phillips "Script Queen" 1940
- FLASHBACK: Irna Phillips "With Significance" 1945
- Flashback: The World Has Turned More than 3,200 Times 1968
- FLASHBACK: Phillips Still In Lather Over Soaps 1970
- FLASHBACK: CBS Slipping From Daytime Lead 1972
- A WORLD APART Creator Dies at 65
- 60 Years Ago Today - The First Daytime TV Soap
- AS THE EARTH TURNS Original Story Bible


  1. It is important to note, too, that Irna's legacy will continue, at least indirectly, past this week.

    With Agnes Nixon (AMC, OLTL) and Bill Bell (DOOL, Y&R, B&B) as her most direct proteges, we should have some of Agnes' contributions for as long as daytime soaps remain.

    Herewith, I send my best wishes to the many GL fans who are losing their Light this week! We all will tread in your shoes before the next decade is over, and I am very sorry for the loss of your show.

  2. Mark, I was thinking about this earlier. Was watching the Academy of TV interview with Bill Bell and he talked about how he had been with Irna for 20 years and helped her develop so many of the soaps. He mentioned Agnes and said they had only met 12 times in their lives based on their locations and circumstance.