Monday, September 14, 2009

PREVIEW: Tonight's GREEK "The Half-Naked Gun"

As Rusty and Jordan are awkwardly deciding when to take their relationship to the next level, the Gotcha Game comes between them as the final two players left in the game. Cappie becomes Rusty’s bodyguard and Rebecca becomes Jordan’s, as the happy couple battle it out so their house can win the game. Who will pull the trigger first? Find out in an all new episode of the ABC Family hit series GREEK, premiering tonight (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “The Half-Naked Gun,” was directed by Michael Lange and written by Roger Grant.

Casey takes over as the ZBZ Panhellenic delegate, butting heads with the president, Katherine (Nora Kirkpatrick), over the annual “Undie Run”. After Katherine has the event canceled, Casey uses Evan’s help to get enough signatures to overturn the decision and save the traditional event. Casey turns the run into a charity cause by donating everyone’s clothes to the homeless.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Grant are trying desperately to find some alone time so they can be together away from their raucous Omega Chi brothers. In the end, they decide to leave campus for a romantic dinner, but are surprised when Evan is one of their waiters!

Created by Patrick Sean Smith, GREEK is executive produced by Piller/Segan in association with ABC Family. The cast includes Jacob Zachar as Rusty, Spencer Grammer as Casey, Scott Michael Foster as Cappie, Jake McDorman as Evan, Clark Duke as Dale, Dilshad Vadsaria as Rebecca, Paul James as Calvin, and Amber Stevens as Ashleigh.

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