Friday, September 11, 2009

Suds Report: Scott, Pinter, Jones, Emmys

In his weekly "Suds Report" column for TV Guide Canada, Nelson Branco covers the following headlines and more:

- Y&R's Melody Thomas Scott return airdate revealed!

- AMC's last New York tape day!

- Colleen Zenk Pinter: “I’m cancer-free!”

- GL tribute controversy continues!

- Deidre Hall vs. GH!


  1. I'm sorry, but I've lost respect for Michael Fairman with those excuses and blame game. 4 minutes or a minute 30, he produced a piss poor tribute for GL. I don't by the excuses about not wanting to hurt feelings or whatever--he was drinking the kool aid when he produced it, and got called on it.

  2. Supposedly Michael Fairman said on Daytime Confidential that they gave him a limited number of clips to make his package out of. He said they only provided him with one clip of Blake and she was mumbling.

  3. In response to the fans, and defeat Prop 8 critical of Mr. Fairman, I would like them to know that what he said was true I also worked on the Emmys and it was the higher ups who made the decision to cut the tribute, Michael did an honorable job, so we should all respect him for a job well done. What would you have done given these circumstances- huh?

  4. but the problem for me doesn't lie in what got cut and the timing--it's that the longer tribute isn't really a tribute to Guiding Light at all. It's someone else drinking the kool aid of Ellen Wheeler and more press promoting the bad last two years of Guiding Light. At the point Otalia, Tammys death and Coop's death got more time in the longer tribute than Roger than it's not a tribute of GL, it's an ego stroke.

    He gives the excuse that he was trying to not make the cast feel bad who was there--but Melissa Hayden was a part, but yet we don't get a Bridget moment? The list of things missed goes on and on.

    I've seen much better tributes done by fans on You Tube, and it saddens me that Michael Fairman can't realize what he did wasn't actually a tribute at all.

  5. "As Mr. Fairman stated in his Daytime Confidential Podcast interview, he only received three short clips of Roger and used two of them. The show did not send him any more, nor could he get any more, as they were shutting down production. You should listen to podcast #451 there, if you need clarification.

    I am confused: what is wrong with Otalia, Tammy's death and Coop's death scenes? I had heard they were the best moments of the last three years. As far as Melissa Hayden, she was among the many that hit the cutting room floor in the second round of editing by the producers, as explained by Mr. Fairman.

    I think many fans on YouTube have done wonderful homages, but again, under these constraints many of us on the production thought his 4 minute piece was compelling."