Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos: Colleen, Fletcher, Fish, Rafe

Here are some of the latest soap opera videos to hit the web.

COLLEEN DROWNS: Thursday's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS was dedicated to the search for Colleen and featured Colleen drowning in water and having conversations with all the people in her life. The episode ended when she came face to face with Don Diamont's Brad in the water.

FLETCHER RETURNS: Jay Hammer appeared at the end of Thursday's GUIDING LIGHT as Fletcher visited Alexandra after finding out that Alan had died.

MR. AND MRS. FISH: Fish's parents met Layla on Thursday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE and were surprised she was, "you know, black."

SAMI'S BABY IS SYDNEY: Rafe figured out the baby switch on Thursday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

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