Tuesday, September 15, 2009

INDIE SOAP BEAT: September 15, 2009

In this week's "Indie Soap Beat" feature, we take a look at the latest happenings from around the world of independent soap opera production.

VENICE creators/producers Hope Royaltey and Kim Turrisi discussed the show in a wonderful interview at mindschmootz.net.
Turrisi: "Each webisode will feature different actors. So you're going to get to focus on them. It's not going to be the entire cast in a webisode. It will be very focused."

Royaltey: "We shot ourselves out of a cannon and we're getting this together at at really fast rate, so we're trying to do it in a way and still have fun. And we're not trying to bite off more than we can chew for season one."

Meanwhile, catch producer/star Crystal Chappell on CNN's CONNECT THE WORLD this week.

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The trailer for Episode #3 has been released. The full episode will premiere on September 21.

Episode #26 of J.R. Benight's radio soap is now online. Listen below.
Part 1:

Part 2:

FANTASY OVER REALITY is a web-friendly sitcom that revolves around a group of guys (and a few choice girls including Y&R's Vail Bloom) in their fantasy football league. The next episode was scheduled for Sept. 13 but has been delayed. On the show's official Twitter page, producers tweeted: "Episode 2 is in the can, but we have been asked not to release it yet as we have an interested distributor. Fingers are crossed!"

The first season finale of Greg Turner and Brian Hewson's new indie web soap, EMPIRE, is now online.

The sixth episode of WORKSHOP, a new comedic web series that was created by Nate Golon and Kimberly Legg which stars former PASSIONS actor Phillip Jeanmarie, is now online. Watch it below.

RELATIONSHIPS delves into the lives of the residents of fictional Parkside USA, where everything seems so idyllic but intrigue, rivalry, jealousy and much, much more lies just below the surface. The show is multi-platform and will be available on conventional TV with exclusive clips inline and an interactive website with a community feel. Watch the trailer here. Look for more details as the show prepares to launch in early 2010.

Tristan Rogers, not one to sit on his laurels, is always in motion and working on new project ideas. One project that is getting his attention these days is a proposed web series called REALITY BYTES. RB is a serialized drama that takes an in depth look at the dual realities found within both the public and private lives of soap stars. This riveting story is told through unique production methods which enhance the look and feel of both realities that unfold as the story develops. In short, this fresh and unique script is something that is overwhelmingly difficult to put down once you pick it up, and something worth developing.

RB is the brain child of writer and web designer Kate Lang, who watched the golden era of GENERAL HOSPITAL and followed its rich history for many years. She stated that RB is "a direct result of my exposure to this hilarious, exasperating, and sometimes ludicrous world that surrounds daytime dramas." Six months ago, she literally dreamed up the story and presented it to Tristan who thought it worthy of his attention. "I forget how she originally presented this to me" Tristan said, "but the idea was a balanced look at what goes on behind the scenes of a soap. It endeavored to address many of the elements that are overlooked today and have always been part of the soap tradition. I felt it was a good place to start, and so it evolved."

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