Gina Tognoni Returns to ONE LIFE TO LIVE

TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting that Gina Tognoni is returning to ONE LIFE TO LIVE as Kelly Cramer. This casting has been speculated for months and will finally happen when Tognoni returns to work in January.

Your possible return to OLTL was all the buzz when GL got cancelled. Then there was rumor that money was the issue—that they weren’t willing to pay you enough—and the buzz died down.
That made me sound so arrogant. Like, all of a sudden I’ve become so expensive? No, none of that was true. We had been in talks for a while about my coming back to the show. They were interested. I was interested. But it was a timing thing. Talks just sort of slowed down, and other [potential] soap opportunities came in, but it all worked out in the end. It was a nice courtship.

So what went haywire at Y&R and B&B? Didn’t [B&B exec producer] Brad Bell want to team you with Jack Wagner?
Yes, which I would have loved. It was a wonderful experience meeting with Brad, but it came down to asking myself the difficult question: east coast or west coast? I just got married last May. We live in New Jersey. We’re still on the honeymoon! All that came into play when I made the decision, and it really wasn’t easy. The same goes for Y&R, though we never got as far as talking about a character. It just wasn’t in the cards. I will say this: Everybody in the soap industry has so much passion these days and they’re intent is to stay alive, and that’s exciting to see. Everybody is on their game and trying to make their shows the best they can be. That’s the optimistic view, obviously. The other side of that is that this is a very changing and challenging time. Having just lost GL, it’s all so emotional. I care about these shows. I care about what I do.

Tognoni's contract with GUIDING LIGHT ended before the show finished taping but she pre-taped some scenes allowing her to appear in the finale on Sept. 18.

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