Friday, May 15, 2009

More Friday Goodness on the Soaps

I've already raved about the Y&R cliffhanger 20 years in the making, but I need to also give props to the other soaps today. While it's hard to compete with the top secret return Y&R pulled off, each show entertained and pulled me in as a viewer, some more than others.

On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Michael finally woke up. Jax finally convinced Carly to go home and get some rest, Lule showed up, and suddenly Michael opened his eyes and asked, "What happened to me?" Meanwhile, Holly returned surprising a grinning Luke. Both stories leave me wanting to know what happens next. I'm even interested in whether Jason will spill the beans to Sonny about Claudia. Sarah Brown was outstanding as always today.

On DAYS, the war between the Dimera and Kiriakis families escalated as a drugged Philip became completely out of it and Stephanie was chloroformed, dumped in a gardening bin, covered in leaves and wheeled into a slot at the morgue. Meanwhile, it may be because she reminds me so much of FNL's Aimee Teegarden, but I love Mia, who had to explain to Brady that she wasn't on drugs or alcohol when she was pregnant despite being at Maggie's 12-step meeting.

AS THE WORLD TURNS has pretty much given up the Friday cliffhanger, and who knows if today's show ender will be picked up on Monday, but it was well done. Carly was utterly and completely frustrated by the Parker situation and headed into the kitchen and poured herself three or four drinks. Craig called her on it and she slapped him in a very emotional moment.

GUIDING LIGHT also featured a slap on Friday when Dinah let Shayne have it when he accused her of hanging around Henry because she's still in love with Mallet. Meanwhile, Josh continued to fret over Edmund as Reva and Jeffrey celebrated the news Reva is cancer free. Remy and Christina talked about their dreams during a picnic. At the end of the episode Remy was walking through the park when discovered a body face down in the water. It was Edmund.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL was one of the weaker links of the day, but it did have a good ending. Steffy told Rick that she would only give him a chance if he made peace with Ridge for good. She showed Ridge, Taylor and Brooke the video Rick made of Phoebe. Ridge went ballistic and forbid Steffy from being with Rick. After Brooke defended Rick, Ridge was furious and later admitted to Taylor that he wouldn't be married to Brooke if he knew this would happen. That's when she told him that he was NOT married to Brooke!

Powell continued to hold Todd, Marty, Blair and Tea hostage on ONE LIFE TO LIVE on Friday. Tea convinced him to untie her so she could kill Todd but Powell had given her a gun with an empty cartridge. Sean Moynihan paced around the room like a D.A. (he is one in real life now). Powell took Blair and Tea away leaving Marty and Todd in the room together. Marty started flashing back to her rape in a nice edited scene. The show ended with Tea trying to get away and Powell shooting at her and her falling down the stairs.

ALL MY CHILDREN was entertaining and a mess at the same time. First off let me say that Zach and Kendall should want to kill the staff at the hospital who were treating Ian more than Adam. That was some really pathetic pretend doctoring. It's a miracle Ian survived. At the Chandler estate, one by one the people who hate Adam showed up to threaten to kill him. Krystal held Adam's gun on him and pulled a trigger but there were no bullets. A drunken J.R. was about to shoot him with David's gun (even though his finger was never on the trigger) before Tad stopped him. Adam knocked out Tad and took off as Tad was taking him to the police station. David, Kendall, Annie and Zach all were on the grounds. The cameras kept zooming into the mansion in a strange way (to be creepy?). By the end Adam was turningn in circles and Zach, Kendall and David were all pointing guns at him from various spots in the house. As Adam's shot body lay on the floor, a voice over of all the various threats played.

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