Friday, May 15, 2009

Emmy Reaction: The Nominees Speak (Updated)

B&B executive producer/head writer Brad Bell
"We submitted the shows where Storm took his life to save his sister. So, heavy drama, mostly hospital scenes with great family drama, and tragedy and triumph, and everything that goes into drama! We did submit those two back-to-back episodes, and did submit the same shows for writing and directing. Those were my special shows in the whole run of this series, I think."

B&B executive producer/head writer Brad Bell
“It’s a great day. It’s fantastic. Phones are ringing, Emails are flooding the place. I’m hearing from people I haven’t heard from in a long time. It’s wonderful to be on this end of it, to have a double nomination for best show and best writing. This is only our fourth best show nomination in 22 years on the air, so it’s pretty damn exciting. The Emmys are always a head-scratcher. I go into it with zero expectations. We didn’t get as many acting nominations as I’d like to see, but the nomination for the show is for everybody. For the writing and show awards, we submitted the episodes where Storm takes his own life and gives his heart to his sister, and there were so many great performances in that story that I wish had been honored — Katherine Kelly Lang [Brooke] was fantastic, as was Jennifer Gareis [Donna] Will deVry [Storm] and Heather Tom [Katie]. I’m disappointed Alley Mills [Pam] didn’t land a nomination. We’re always a little light in the acting categories, it seems. But Susan Flannery [Stephanie] is back in the race. Last year she was missing, so she’s thrilled. No matter how many times she’s been nominated and won, nothing is a foregone conclusion with these things. It’s exciting to see so many fresh names on the list. The voters always say they want to see new faces among the nominees, but usually they’re talking the talk. This time it happened.”

B&B's Susan Flannery (Stephanie)
"I don’t know about the hundredth time, but if you live long enough it comes back around. It’s great fun and I am delighted. I am very happy to see three fresh faces. I said to Jeanne, “We could have said, 'No, you know, and let two more of them in.' It’s so nice to see that. That it is not a constant rotation and sometimes that is what happens. I think that is the result of certain people getting in an arc in their career, with three of four nominations in a row and then it goes. I am thrilled for Jeanne, and I was so surprised at her 80th birthday that I had no idea that Jeanne had never won till last year. I was just stunned! I always thought she had a few more. I was thrilled for her again this year."

AMC's Debbi Morgan (Angie)
“This is fantastic! I’m feeling a little under the weather today but my spirits are high. Even though I’ve gotten to do some wonderful things outside of daytime, AMC is the show that put me out there. When I came back, it felt like coming home. Full circle. Nothing else feels like that — not movies, or primetime series. The people can be great, but it never quite becomes a home. Angie is so much a part of me. I’m getting married again — for the last time — and my fiancĂ© would watch the show and he’d be like, ‘Baby, baby! You’re gonna get nominated for this!’ And I’d say, ‘Honey, don’t get excited, there are a lot of great actors in daytime. You have to take these things with a grain of salt.’ And he’d say, ‘It’s gonna happen! I don’t care what you say! This is mind-blowing! Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about! These people have to nominate you!’ Now there’ll be no living with him! I’m so thrilled that so many of my cast members got nominated. I submitted the episode where Angie finally discovers that Jesse [Darnell Williams] is alive after all these years. I’m really disappointed that Darnell wasn’t nominated. But I was so happy for [lead actor nominee] Thorsten Kaye [Zach]. When I got to work today he hugged me and said, ‘See, if AMC was really smart, they’d start a romance with the two of us! That would get some excitement going!’ I love that idea! Let’s put it out there!”

AMC's Jacob Young (J.R.)
"I was actually in the bathrub. One of the producers called me and said, 'Congratulations.' It was great."

AMC's Melissa Claire Egan (Annie)
"This is the first year I'm nominated. So it's been really exciting. I'm still totally in shock."

GH's Anthony Geary (Luke)
“This nomination means a lot to me. In fact, the older I get the more these things mean. It says I’m still in the game, you know? This old dog may not learn new tricks but every once in a while he does a variation on an old one, and it still catches some attention. The Emmys have always meant a lot to me because back when I started in this mess — pardon me, this business — we were really looked down on and I always looked to the Emmys to kind of validate the hard work we all do. I still feel that way. And because I’m an old man now it’s very gratifying to still feel relevant. I feel blessed and more than a little surprised. This has been a fantastic job. Over the past few years I’ve found a peace doing GH that I certainly didn’t have 10 or 15 years ago, during the Wendy Riche reign of terror. They constantly challenge me, and they keep bringing in great new talent. It’s always exciting to work with the veterans, like Jane Elliot [Tracy], who keeps me sane, but also the young ones like Julie Berman [Lulu] and this new kid Nathan Parsons [Ethan]. They haven’t stuck me with any dogs. I got no complaints. I’m not even sure how any of this happened. I must have a guardian angel or something, because I so easily could have self-destructed back in the heyday of Luke & Laura and several other points along the line. I’ve been through periods where nobody seemed to get Luke, or like him. And now, I guess, something about him being this age makes him accessible again. I’m running on inertia now.”

DAYS' Peter Reckell (Bo)
“I never thought I’d be getting a call asking what it’s like to be a nominee, and I bet you didn’t ever expect to be making that call, did you? Just when I gave up on getting one of these things, here it is. It came by total surprise, especially after the crazy year we’ve had at Days. I was sitting at home playing with my daughter, Loden, and I got a call from [Days producer] Noel Maxam saying “Guess what?” It wasn’t even in my consciousness. I submitted scenes after the plane crash when Bo’s pop died. My storylines are few and far between, so I basically had two episodes to chose from. Thus, picking something to submit for the Emmys wasn’t very complicated. I hardly ever watch our show, so I hadn’t seen the scenes before. When you have material that’s that well written, you just try not to get in the way. I didn’t have to do that much work. I just thought about losing Frank [Parker, who played Grandpa Shawn] and then all I had to do was look at Peggy [McCay, who plays Shawn’s widow and Bo’s mom Caroline]. There’s just so much history there, it wasn’t hard to play the trauma of the situation.”

DAYS' Darin Brooks (Max)
"I am thoroughly stunned and excited but very happy for Rachel [Melvin, Chelsea], Blake [Berris, ex-Nick], Peter [Reckell, Bo] and Tamara [Braun, ex-Ava] and the show as a whole. This is fantastic! Last year we had four nominations and now we have five, plus the show. I hope everyone's proud of themselves because everyone has done such a great job. I can't wait to see what happens. I hope someone takes something home!"

DAYS' Blake Berris (ex-Nick)
"I got a call from Rachel [Melvin] in the morning and as soon as I saw her number I knew she was going to have some type of news, so my stomach kinda dropped, and she said, 'Do you know you're nominated for an Emmy?' I think i screamed, "Holy $^%$!" and ran around the house like a crazy person. I burned the eggs i was making."

GL's Daniel Cosgrove (Bill)
"I completely forgot that they were going on," he shares. "To be 100 percent honest with you, I was in the most sacred and humble of places — I was on the toilet! It's just really nice. This is the end of GL and we've got such a great group of people. I would've loved to see [more cast members] get nods as well because they do such fantastic work."

GL's Jeff Branson (Shayne)
"I was on set. I didn't find out on set, I was taping when they announced it but I went upstairs and was changing and I went into the hair room real fast and a bunch of people came up and were like 'Congratulations!' By the time I got back down to the set everyone knew, so it was really nice. The first person I called was my girl, Jamie. Then I called my agent and then I called my mom. Oh I hope my mom doesn't read that -- she'll love that. I am really proud to be representing this as GL goes out the door. Everything that is going on here, I am just really proud to be able to represent the show."

GL's EJ Bonilla (Rafe)
"I'm really excited. When I first got to this show, I remember talking to my mentor and he tried to teach me that where you go you should leave a mark and if you haven't left a mark you may not have left with all you could from that place. So when I got to GUIDING LIGHT I was like, 'I'm going to win an Emmy.' Just this nomination I feel I really did get something from being on the show. I really did do something; it makes me feel good. [I submitted] scenes right before Rafe is sentenced to prison. Buzz comes in and talks to Rafe and tells him what a hard time Natalia is having."

ATWT's Julie Pinson (Janet)
"I was working. I didn't think they were going to announce the nominations for supporting until last night. So I was here, and I got a text from Farah Fath who is an actress on OLTL and so she's the one who told me. It was kind of funny and I was just minding my own business and looked at my phone saw the text and was like oh, wow! And I was just really thrilled. I submitted a scene where it was right before Jack and Janet's wedding and it was right when Jack was about to cheat with Carly. Basically Jack comes over to the diner to admit he almost cheated on Janet and Janet reacts to it. There were some nice scenes with Janet in the diner. Then in the same episode Janet goes over to Carly's house and confronts her. I think Maura West (Carly) and Michael Park (Jack) are the biggest reason I was nominated because my stuff was with them and they just bring you up to a whole new level."

ATWT's Van Hansis (Luke)
"I was actually doing a photo shoot for As The World Turns and I was there getting ready and I think they actually got it on camera. So my reaction is video taped somewhere. It was pretty cool. I actually had forgotten my phone at home that morning so I didn't have a phone and I don't know anyone's phone number off the top of my head except my parents so I called them. I submitted scenes from last May or June; it was the breakup scenes with Luke and Noah."

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