Friday, May 15, 2009

The Friday Cliffhanger: This is How It's Done!

Some soaps have forgotten the art of the Friday cliffhanger, but not THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Today's final scene with Cane and Lily where Cane remembers a phone conversation that most people have probably forgotten was incredible. Cane was in the chapel after having just married Lily. He was remembering (via voice over) her words about how much she trusted him when he flashed back on the phone call. But this wasn't an ordinary flashback, because the person on the other end of the call was revealed. It was Thom Bierdz, who memorably played Phillip Chancellor III in the 80s and was killed off much too soon. Is Phillip really alive? Is he working with Cane? What are they up to? Y&R went to great lengths to keep this return under wraps and it paid off.

Many longterm Y&R fans have lamenting the rewrite where Cane turned out to be the real Phillip, including myself. Is Y&R about to right (or is it write) that wrong? I certainly hope so (and while they're at it, can Jill please be a Foster again?). But wherever the story goes, I have faith in the Y&R writers to give the fans a huge payoff. What a treat to see Thom Bierdz again. He has spent the past twenty years writing a novel about his life and focusing on his art.

Way to leave us wanting more, Y&R!

Here are some refresher clips on Phillip III, his return as a ghost and today's reveal.


  1. This is why it is so baffling to me that Y&R in not nominated for BEST daytime drama!

  2. You know what I'd love Roger...I realize this may be asking too a photo credit.

    I'd KILL to know when this was taken, by whom, and why :-). Like your Bierdz shot the other day. I'm sure now you were hinting.

  3. ETA: I meant "photo credits in general". Like, I thought it was cool the other day to learn that your Poz pics were taken by Damon Jacobs.

  4. Thanks Roger! WOW.. I was in love with Thom Bierdz when he was Phillip Chancellor III on Y&R! You are so dead on! Today's Friday cliffhanger was a BONAFIDE jawdropper! I wish ATWT would take some lessons!

    Again, WHY was Y&R snubbed for an Emmy nom this year???