Thursday, May 7, 2009

John Driscoll's Phillip Being Paired with Rafe?

CBS Soaps in Depth is reporting that John Driscoll's new THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS character, Phillip Chancellor IV will be gay and paired with Rafe. But is this actually the case?

Rafe recently revealed to Colleen that he was gay after Lily tried to set the two of them up on a date.

I'm hearing not only is this SID's speculation but they are way off base. I recommend taking this one with a huge grain of salt.


  1. Thanks for the update. I wish it was true, but Y&R has never told a gay storyline.

  2. I wouldn't give up hope that Rafe will have a storyline. This just might not be it.

  3. This is driving me crazy! I really want Y&R to follow through with Rafe's storyline--personal opinion, but it's the best-written show in the genre right now--and think a Rafe/Phillip pairing would be terrific. Please let it be true!!!

  4. Joseph, I agree about Y&R being the best written show so I'm optimistic that wherever they go with Rafe will a good place.

  5. Those teases at SID. :) But, yep, it would be cool if Y&R did a gay storyline. I'm definitely staying tuned!