Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NEWS: Sean Kanan, Angell Conwell, Redaric Williams, Scott McKinsey, AfterEllen Hot 100, 'Anyone But Me'

Sean Kanan
The Bold and the Beautiful star Sean Kanan visits The Podcastle podcast
On his loyal fans: "I've been on four different soap operas, and they always find me. I act for me, but without the fans I would probably be doing a one-man show in somebody's loft."

On the B&B production schedule: "We have 28 production weeks, and we do 8 shows a week. There's only 5 days in the production week, so we're banking 3 shows a week."

On what it's like being a soap star: "Being on a soap opera is a lot like being a WWF star. You become very famous within a very specific microcosm."

The Young and the Restless alums Angell Conwell and Redaric Williams writing together
"I’m in the process of writing and producing as we speak. I feel it’s a natural part of evolving as an actor. I’m writing a project now with my former Young and The Restless co-star Redaric Williams." Hollywood is a town where actors are constantly concerned about the next audition, the next role, and the next opportunity. Conwell remains grounded by not allowing herself to look too far ahead, "I just [want] to see myself getting better with every day."

Scott McKinsey is now directing at Days of our Lives
McKinsey won six Daytime Emmys for his directing work at General Hospital over the past two decades. He will continue working on both soaps.

2015 AfterEllen Hot 100 list revealed
Scandal star Kerry Washington kicks off the list at No. 100. Former As the World Turns star Julianne comes in at No. 87. Elsewhere on the list, The Fosters' Sherri Saum is No. 82, while Guiding Light alum Crystal Chappell is No. 57.

Award-winning web series Anyone But Me returns today with "Lost Scenes"
The series, from Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, aired its series finale in 2012. Anyone But Me is tied with the most Indie Series Awards wins of all-time.

Executive Producer Gareth Phillips previews what's head on Irish soap opera Red Rock
With a huge body of work in the UK including dramas such as Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Cold Blood, Phillips came to Ireland initially to work on Fair City as a consultant. Then Red Rock came knocking.
"We are really building on the foundations that have been put in place earlier in the year. It’s important to remember that a lot of episodes going on the screen were actually shot some time ago – I think all our episodes up to Christmas and New Year have been shot. What I think is right at the heart of Red Rock will be seen again in the new season – that you never know what is going to happen and we are not afraid to take very big risks. We want the audience to feel like the show is a thrill ride. The show is a police procedural drama at heart after all so we want it so that the audience can never predict what is going to happen next."


  1. OMG! From the looks of that screen shot for Scott McKinsey directing, I hope Days is not doing a clone storyline! Please NO! Tell me that screen shot is not from Days.

    1. Ha! That was a Blind Spot promo (one of NBC's new fall shows). It would be nice if they actually showed clips from DAYS during the DAYS closing.

    2. Whew! I would love coming attractions from Days! Don't know why they stopped doing them. Also would love for them to do opening credits the way other shows do. Where I am end credits appear at bottom of screen while primetime promos roll.