Wednesday, September 16, 2015

'EastSiders' Is Back And The Relationships Are More Complicated Than Ever

EastSiders stars Van Hansis as Thom and Kit Williamson as Cal.
Indie Series Award-winning drama EastSiders is back! Season 1 ended on a bleak note for Cal (Mad Men's Kit Williamson) and Thom (As the World Turns' Van Hansis) with Cal moving out of their apartment when it seemed like they couldn't get past each other's infidelity. Season 2 begins with Cal and Thom waking up in bed with another guy, a threeway that Cal barely remembers. With their trust issues still unresolved and new boundaries being explored, will their relationship be able to survive?

The series, which was created by Williamson, also stars Fresh Off the Boat's Constance Wu, Matthew McKelligon, John Halbach and features guest appearances from Sean Maher, Stephen Guarino, Brea Grant, and Traci Lords. Brianna Brown, who was terrific this summer on Devious Maids, is a fascinating new addition for season 2 as Cal’s sister, Hillary.  Other newcomers include Satya Bhabha, Adam Bucci, Vera Miao, and Willam Belli.

With top-notch production values, a talented engaging cast and fascinating complicated relationships, EastSiders is must-see Web TV for fans of great character drama.

Watch the Season 2 trailer below:

EastSiders Season 2 was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with just over 1,000 backers blowing past the $125,000 goal. The entire new season is now available for purchase through Vimeo On Demand for $19.99. Now is the perfect time to catch up with Thom, Cal, Jeremy, Ian, Quincy, and Kathy, plus all the new characters you will meet in Silver Lake.

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